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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Blame Game is Alive and Well

            Whose fault is it? Depends who you listen to. But which topic: COVID 19 or Minneapolis. The common thread is Donald Trump, the President and those cities that have and are being ravaged are proportionately Democratic. If we put our faith in the press, one side is putting all the blame on the President while the other side is blaming the Democratic governors, mayors etc.
            I’ve touched on this in past posts but I think it needs to be revisited. On 12-7-1941, the United States was thrust into what would become World War Two. The attack resulted in the death of 2,438 military personnel and civilians. We would lose over 450,000 soldiers in the conflict. In today’s media environment, FDR and his cabinet advisors would be grilled unmercifully for this intelligence failure. Instead of uniting and focusing on defeating Germany and Japan the country would be mired down in senseless investigations and political posturing. Luckily that didn’t happen and we aren’t speaking German or Japanese.
            Fast forward. With Americans dying from a deadly virus and civil unrest explodes across the country, the press and politicians are scrambling to assign blame for both events. At the end of WWII trials were convened to hold those accountable for the deaths of over 50 to 60 million people, but not until the conflict was over! With COVID 19 the current culprits are China, WHO, NIH, CDC and yes Trump. And to what end is being achieved? Not a damn thing. The virus is still alive and well and still killing while our leaders are squabbling and inflaming the rhetoric.
            The same problem is happening with the killing of George Floyd. The current targets are, the Mexican Cartel, ANTIFA,, Proud Boys, Alt-right and Alt-left fascist groups and Trump. And what is being accomplished as America burns? Nothing. Absolutely, not a damn thing! And that is appalling. It is time to restore law and order in cities and let the FBI, Homeland Security and local law enforcement sort out the culprits later.
            And where are we getting our daily diet of information? From a bias press, both right and left. Don’t believe me, go to social media or your emails and look closely at the working being used. A majority of Americans are parroting what they hear without thinking.
            It is time to focus on the problems at hand and attack them as our fathers and grandfathers did from 1941 to 1945. If not, we will lose these battles and have no one to blame but ourselves.   

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Trump comes out of the White House

We all know what the top story is right now, don’t we? Protestors are cleared from Lafayette Square with force so Trump can walk across the street and have his photo taken at the Episcopalian Church.
Let’s review the facts.
1)     White House has been under siege, for the last two nights
2)     Trump is moved to the war room/bunker
3)     7:00pm curfew is put into effect
4)     Trump informs Governors and Mayors to get their cities/states under control or he will invoke the Insurrection Act.
5)     6:36pm Lafayette Square is cleared of protestors
6)     Trump emerges with a large security detail and entourage
7)     Trump holds up Bible and photos are taken
8)     Trump return to the White House.
9)      Media/Episcopalian Church denounce the act
10) Right wing media hails the move.
11) Social media is losing its mind
12) The press, all sides, has handled COIVD19 and the killing of George Floyd poorly is an understatement
13) We don’t receive news, we are fed a steady diet of useless, unwarranted opinions.

            Did I forget anything? If I did, add in only if it’s constructive. I’m sure I will receive some blow back with my analysis, but that’s okay.

            The country is rocking and burning from sea to shining sea. Peaceful protests turn to riots and opportunists take over as the sun starts setting. Social media has been clamoring for days for Trump to show himself. Depending what news source you watch or read, he’s been in there for days or hours. Reminds me of “Dug-out Doug” and the press vilifying Bush Jr for disappearing when he boarded Air Force One after being informed of the 911 attacks.
            So back to present issue. What did Donald and his advisors hope to gain from him coming out and walking across the street? The people I interviewed said to show a sign of solidarity and give America hope. The press said it was a photo-op stunt and nothing else. So who’s right? To a degree both reports have validation. He did come out and photos were taken. But what was the message?  
            With MacArthur, he was ordered to leave the Philippines by FDR. Jr. was following the in-place protocols of whisking the President to a safe location when the country is under attack. Both men resurfaced and were hailed as heroes. MacArthur wading through the surf several times, at Luzon and Jr walking down the streets of NYC with Guilliano. Both acts were a sign of solidarity and gave the American people hope that justice would be swift and victory would be achieved. But both of these men weren’t walking into a maelstrom. The beaches and the streets were relatively secure.
            Now, was I inspired by his actions yesterday? No. It was good, to see him come out of the White House. From that point on, it was a poor showing. So, what would I have done or expected? Come out of the White House, with a megaphone, toured the damaged church, had the White House photographers take impromptu photos and then…Now this is the tough one. Take a page from Richard Nixon when he met the Vietnam protestors and attempted to talk to them. With Nixon, the protestors were peaceful and weren’t constantly yelling out epithets at law enforcement in a threatening manner. I’m sure the Secret Service would have been against it, but he could have walked to within say fifty yards or what the SS deemed a safe distance and addressed the crowd, like Nixon, asking them what their concerns were and addressed them. Reassuring them justice for George Floyd would be achieved and a task force set-up to examine police brutality. Would they have listened? Would they have let him talk? Would disrupters have thrown projectiles? We will never know.
            One other option would have been meeting or attempting to meet them early in the morning when the crowds were smaller and less volatile. Maybe then he could have had a good exchange and convinced them he wouldn’t rest until justice was meted out.  

            In retrospect, it would have been better for him to stay in the White House and let the press say and print what they wanted to.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Love's True Second Chance radio interview

Had a great time with Suzanne Lynn, with Triangle Media, talking about the book Loves True Second Chance. Here is the link: Relationship Interview 

If you know some one who is going through, beaten or lost a loved one to this deadly disease, get a copy today. It might help with the uncertain journey and the healing. I know it helped me heal when I wrote it. RIP Debbie 7-20-2010


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hard boiled management techniques

Are you ready for some plain management technique information? Are you tired of reading self help, management style books and walk away not knowing what you read? That day is done! My book, "Do Your Damn Job," skirts past all of the flowery talk and gets right to the point! And I do mean the POINT! Here is one of the chapters, "Church Social," I know ninety percent of you will be able to relate to it. The link for the book is: Do Your Damn Job

Trump 2020 Lay off twitter!

A few thoughts for the current President and how not to lose an election:

Sunday, April 19, 2020


Who's right and who's wrong. Personally, I'm so fed up with the poor media coverage and the useless debates on FB, I don't give two shits. That aside, here's a spreadsheet. Make your own determination if you want to live in fear or not.

Friday, April 3, 2020

My Heart

My Heart

A recording of one of my favorite poems about Debbie. RIP 7-20-2009

Friday, March 13, 2020

Coronavisrus Invasion


               As of today, March 13th, Planet Earth is closed! This action is necessary to accommodate the rampant stupidity flying across the planet today. It has also been reported, by unnamed sources, that the Martians and Mercurities have diverted their invasion forces. Why? It was once thought by their leaders they would find intelligent life on Earth. For eons they watched our planet evolve. They marveled at the technological advances those puny humans made. In one century, they made great strides in medicine, weapons, philosophy, empathy and to a degree enlightenment. They were wiping out crippling diseases, extending life expectancies and reducing birth rate mortalities.
         At one point, they feared the planet was in trouble in 1918. A disease unknown to the foreigners swept across the planet decimating a third of its population. But they rebounded and forged forward. Still, man continued to battle back. They noticed other diseases that were rampant in the human race. After intercepted messages they learned of Small pox, Cholera, tuberculosis, whooping cough, typhus Polio, measles, mumps and something called Eboli.
         By the Earth calendar another cataclysmic event occurred, they called it World War Two. While both of the invading armies were familiar with war, what they witnessed was frightening. With the exception of a few countries, the Earth was on fire. In the end, they wept for the 60million lives the conflict extinguished. But once again, those people on the paradise planet prevailed and came back stronger, smarter and more resilient than ever. But then, the tide began turning in a way no one could foresee.
         The invention of what the Earthlings called the, “I-Phone” made connectivity to all humans possible overnight. Information could be sent around the globe in a matter of seconds. Truly, it appeared the time was ripe to move-in and glean the fruits of this advanced societies advances. Or was it?  There was one invention they took for granted-Television. On the surface they admired the technology and found it amusing at times. They were amazed at how a race so advanced could be so enthralled with a box displaying images. A once proud planet that thrived on hard work, resiliency and physical exertion was becoming complacent, lethargic and lazy. Still, if they got there in time, the prize was  worth taking.
         And then the unimaginable happened. They watched through their imaging devices a panic unseen in their centuries of studying the planet. A mass panic was gripping the planet. Was it a coming war? Was a natural catastrophe occurring? Were the bodies of water rising? Were storms ravaging the surface? No. It was none of these. Then what could it be? The question was answered when then decided to examine those boxes that were in every household across the world. For those that didn’t have one, they were found congregating at other gathering places glued to every word the other humans were saying. Why?
         When they found the answer they were searching for, they were shocked. This race of people that had endured, suffered, risen again and flourished were being convinced that the world as they knew it was coming to an end. Something called Coronavirus was sweeping the planet and it was the people in the boxes who were spreading the word. But it wasn’t only the words they spoke it was the way they spoke. They found themselves mesmerized by the bright spot lights, the smartly dressed hosts and the headlines that kept changing. For several days they too, became transfixed with the box and those who kept talking to them. When the commanders of the invasion fleets were not receiving daily reports, they decided it was time to investigate what was going on.
         They were shocked! None of the normal duties or maintenance operations were being performed. Drills had been canceled. Debris littered the once pristine floor. When they identified the problem and held a high-level conference, they came to the same conclusion, in order for them to achieve their goals, they would have cut the transmission and attempt to regain control and discipline. They knew there could be backlash, but it was worth the chance. Without asking for consent the transmission was cut. The initial reaction was as expected. A few cases of mutiny were logged. Many of the soldiers displayed acts of depression and withdrew from the others. Sick bays were crowded with lethargic, lazy, mindless individuals. They had lost the ability to think for themselves and function. In a week, there were signs of improvement. The doctors verified the leaders fears-it was the box that had caused the epidemic. Turning off the box was the best medicine.
         With this new found information, both forces convened a military conference to discuss future plans. It was agreed, at this time, all plans of conquest were put on hold until the people of the planet were able to regain their senses and become the resilient race they had studied and admired for centuries.
         During the conference one of the leaders who was considered an expert on the human race brought up a saying he had gleaned from his intense studies that came from the 1980’s, earth time. It was, “garbage in, garbage out.” At the time, the saying baffled him. No longer. After studying the mysterious box and reading the doctors reports, he now understood the words and their effect on the human race. How would it effect his people? It was decided, the risk wasn’t worth it.
         See, they weren’t coming to conquer the planet in a sense, they were coming to consume those they had been studying and one must be careful what they consume, shouldn’t they?   

Audio version: