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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Who's Driving Your Bus?


The Author, Jeff Dawson, courageously takes you on his life's most unforgettable and Bitter-Sweet journey. One that is filled with heartache and pain, sorrow and suffering and even shame. It reflects his Shattered Dreams and some of the most difficult tragedies and challenges during twenty-five years of his precious life. This wonderfully written and compelling story reveals Jeff's most intimate feelings and emotions which many of us have experienced to some extent but are unwilling to face. I read this through many tears and a broken heart. It reminded me of many of my own sorrows and tragedies. But it also gave me renewed hope, courage and faith and it truly blessed my heart.

Jeff began his life like most of us with so many dreams and well laid plans. After attending Oklahoma State University he met and married his wife. He was blessed with three beautiful children which he loved more than life. But, then came the unexpected trials and tragedies of his promising life. His life began spiraling out of control. The business venture was going bankrupt, he and his children were being evicted from their home, he was losing everything. For the first time in his life he was facing financial disaster. Then the most devastating of all. As a loving and caring single parent and father, he was forced to send his three precious children, who meant everything to him, to live with their mother, He was so distraught with despair that he seriously considered suicide. But, because of his deep love for his children and his concern as to what would happen to them and what would they think of him, he knew he had to pick up the broken pieces and try again.

And just when it seemed like his life was getting back on track, disaster struck again, he lost his dear friend and business partner to cancer, which ultimately resulted in another failed business venture. He finally moved back home to be with his father to get his life back together only to learn his father had terminal cancer. They were afforded some very special time together, and he was there when his Dad needed him the most. Finally, it seemed something good was happening. He was unexpectedly reunited with his high school sweetheart and the love of his life. Yet destiny strikes again and they discovered that her breast cancer had returned with a vengeance. They only had seven loving months together but he was able there for her and her children when she passed away.

That journey of his life was over but it was just the beginning of a new life for Jeff. Because of the three deaths of his loved ones, he recognized that what he thought were failures were just life's challenges. It is what we learn from them and how we can improve our life is the important lesson of life. His wonderful faith had been restored and he realized that his plans were not what mattered. It is God's perfect will for our lives that we must live for. Jeff had learned so much over those past twenty-five years and God had new and exciting plans for him. You see, our success is not measured by our financial gain but by what we can do for others. I believe that Jeff is just beginning to experience his many new blessings. He has opened up new doors as evidenced with his God gifted talent to write. I hope you will continue to look for new books from this great man and talented author.” Sandra Moon


Monday, January 10, 2022

Do you believe in second chances at love? I do!


"This is a beautiful story that will resonate with anyone who loves romance. It comes with a warning, however. Keep a box of tissues handy.
Jeff Dawson tells the story of his first and one true love, Debbie Beck, with such feeling and emotion. They meet in 1977 at Oklahoma High School. This is the age old romance – boy meets girl, they fall in love, breakup, get on with their lives, marry someone else and have children, then find each other again. It takes 30 years for Debbie and Jeff to re-unite, but they easily re-kindle their love, Debbie’s daughters, Amanda and Jessica, quickly grow to accept Jeff, and life is good.
Debbie is a cancer survivor.
Just as everything is falling into place beautifully, with the happily ever after within their grasp, fate steps in and delivers a cruel blow.
The author writes about Debbie’s cancer battle so touchingly and with such sensitivity, it is hard to believe that the words come from the pen of a man who has worked in the tough world of the construction industry.
Love, hope, despair and courage, this story has it all. A must read for lovers of true romance."


Sunday, January 9, 2022

COVID 19 UPDATE WE 1-9-2022


         COVID 19 update 59,848,908 total cases, 835,835 deaths. New cases 3,896,964. Deaths 10,472.  Mortalities are 1,290 day, an increase of 756 per day from two weeks ago. The average death toll per day for the last 739 days is 1,131 an increase of 8 from two weeks ago.

         Worldwide Ranking mortalities/population, Peru .6245%, Bosnia .4110%, Brazil .2958%, Columbia .2588%, Argentina .2566%, US .2533%, Mexico .2399%, Italy .2305%, England .2251%, Spain .1924%, and Sweden .1493%. Top countries in mortalities, US 835K, Brazil 619K, India 483k and Mexico 300K. Top mortality countries last week, US 10.133 Russia 5,909 India 2.054 and Great Britain 1,100. Six states, NY, NY CT, CA, MA, WA. account for 24.560% of cases and 25% of mortalities. TX and FL respectively 16% and 17%. FL and NY have the highest infection rate/population 21%. NJ, 20%, MA 18%, CN 16%, TX 17%, , and CA. 15%%. Of the big four, new cases reported, NY 479,397, FL 384,432, CA 373,024, and TX.  263,551. They account for 39% of the new cases reported. Survival rate is 98.60% of those infected.

Worldwide, the US accounts for 19.610% of cases and 15.239% of mortalities. States that reported more than 100 deaths were 28, an increase of 3 from last week MI 805, PN 796, NY 756, OH 676, T 568, Il 547, IN 459, CA 465, GE 452, and MD 452.

         Vaccination rates 50.4% Worldwide. United State 62.5%.

All of these numbers are generated from information obtained from the CDC and John Hopkins.


         What do the numbers suggest? That this virus is going run its course despite our best efforts. I would also like to add, why isn’t the MSM absolutely grilling Biden and his administration for the lack of test kits? Remember when Trump was President they went nuts and then blamed his for ineffective tests. Everything was his fault even though Obama/Biden didn’t replenish the Federal medical reserve after the H1N1 outbreak. And when it comes to tests, doesn’t that fall under the NIH and CDC’s domain? I think, yes. So that means Fauci wasn’t doing his job. Hell, none of them did or are. And, these last two weeks have set the record for new cases reported in a seven-day period. So much for Joe’s plan in defeating the pandemic. Why isn’t the MSM grilling him on this? It’s only 13% of total cases since I’ve been recording the numbers, 4-19-2020.

         I would like to add, before the naysayers lose their minds, 519,335,421 shots have been administered. If everyone received the Pfizer shot, that would equate to 259,667,710 being fully vaccinated, leaving a balance of 70,332,290 not vaccinated. But we know many have received the J&J shot that only requires one shot.

         Now, if every one has received one shot of Pfizer, that would equate to 189,335,421 being full vaccinate, which would be 57.37%, again not the 62.5% they are reporting and that again isn’t taking the J&J shot into account.

  The CDC/John Hopkins aren’t reporting how many boosters have been given in these numbers. That means that 78%, if not more, not 62.5% have been fully vaccinated, if not more Once again, the numbers just don’t add up.   

         When it’s all said and done, draw your own conclusions.   

Friday, January 7, 2022

Tribute to Berge Boghossian

 As many of you know, we lost a good friend on 12-29-2021, Berge Boghossian. I've spent the last two weeks going through his things and preparing them to ship to the family in California. One of the most interesting things was his collection of photos and the rich history they revealed. We hear the saying, "They've done it all." Well, in his case, he did. Born in Beirut, served in the hang on to your hats, the USSR army. He was stationed at Rostov-on-Don and watch US planes flying out of Turkey, patrolling the Soviet/Turkish border. Somehow he got out and went to NY, with only $80 in his pocket to learn the art of carpet/rug business from his uncle/brother. He worked hard, became a legal citizen, learned our language and flourished! When the rug market started going down he started Big Bears Arms on Fairmount Street then moved the location to Carrollton. Again he excelled at this trade making multiple trips to Russia. He was the largest importer of Russian made weapon in the Untied States. But alas, do to government interference, that to would end. Despite his problems, he never lost his love for his new found country. He was nothing but a true patriot and loved the United States. Now, how many people do you know that said they knew so-and-so and get that brief photo. Well, in his case he took photos with people he knew and admired: Ken Kercheval, Michal Kalishnikov and Uzi Gal, to name a few. He lived at the Crescent in downtown Dallas and was a fixture of "High Society." He was an actor, yep, had a SAG card, carpet, rug dealer, arms dealer but mostly, he was a very devoted family man to his nieces, nephews and those of his friends and employees with children. That to me was his greatest attribute,; he loved children and family. One day he told me, "You are a very rich man." he wasn't talking about my bank account, but rather my children and their children. While he will be missed, his memory will take decades to fade. Here is a brief look at the most interesting man I've ever known.


Dawson Domain Live tomorrow 1-8-2022 2:00p,m CSt

 It's time to get back on track and get Dawson's Domain back on the airwaves after a month long hiatus. Topics tomorrow, saying goodbye to loved ones, MLB, TX Rangers, NCAA football updates, review of 2021, NFL, News anchors, Joe Bidens' Jan 6th address And I will have a special guest, Michael Hale. He will discuss how he went to jail for 9 years, how he chose that road and how it changed his life. Tune in at 2:00pm CST. Call in numbers are 888-627-6008 or 323-744-4831. Dawsons Domain

Sunday, December 26, 2021

COVID UPDATE WE 12-26-2021


         COVID 19 update 52,054,980 total cases, 814,891 deaths. New cases 1,315,928 an increase of 422,085 from last week. Deaths 10,133, up 1,102 from last week. Mortalities are 1,447 day, an increase of 156 per day from last week. The average death toll per day for the last 725 days is 1,123 an increase of 3 from last week.

         Worldwide Ranking mortalities/population, Peru .6228%, Bosnia .4020%, Brazil .2953%, Columbia .2577%, Argentina .2566%, US .2469%, Mexico .2386%, Italy .2266%, England .2218%, Spain .1905%, and Sweden .1482%. Top countries in mortalities, US 814K, Brazil 618K, India 479k and Mexico 298K. Top mortality countries last week, US 10.133 Russia 6,883 India 2.524 and Mexico 1,291. Six states, NY, NY CT, CA, MA, WA. account for 23.374% of cases and 29% of mortalities. TX and FL respectively 16% and 17%. FL has the highest infection rate/population 18%. NY, NJ, 16%, TX, MA 15%, and CA. CN, 13%. Of the big four, new cases reported, NY 170,061, FL 116,065, CA 86,260, and TX  54,791. They account for 32% of the new cases reported. Survival rate is 98.43% of those infected.

Worldwide, the US accounts for 21.890% of cases and 13,992% of mortalities. States that reported more than 100 deaths were 25, a decrease of 1 from last week. TN 2,353, OH 692, PN 672, MI 605, AZ 467, CA 402, NY 385, Il 364, WI 350 and IN 311.   

         Vaccination rates 48.4% Worldwide. United States 61.6%.

All of these numbers are generated from information obtained from the CDC and John Hopkins.


         What do the numbers suggest? Good question. As of right now, since Biden’s inauguration, he’s responsible for 48% of new cases and 43%, of mortalities since Feb 6th, 2021. Remember when the media blamed Trump for everything and Biden said he had a plan and would defeat the virus.? Yeah, how’s that working out? This is a virus, plain and simple and no rhetoric is going to defeat it. It really is that simple unless you’ve been brainwashed by the MSM and believe all the crap they keep spouting off.

         And speaking of the MSM, are you good scared shitless right now because of the Omicron variant? According to them, you should be. But if you’ve been following the numbers let me remind you of this, the top week of infection was 1-10-2021, 1,777,619 new cases. WE 12-26-2021 is the seventh highest recorded rate of infection at 1,315,928. Bottom line, as I’ve stated many times, the scientists, politicians and media don’t have a clue what they are fighting or what they are talking about.

         With that said, let’s look at a few important numbers, last week the death rate for the world was 5,349,699. Week prior 5,301,714 and the preceding week was 5,284,669. Yet, this week the number was 4,823,800! Don’t believe me? Type in COVID 19 and it will take you to the site I’ve been drawing these number from. How in the heel can they report a decrease of 525,899 in mortalities? Another interesting note is MD has not reported one death in the last two weeks while all other states including, Guam, NMI, PR and USVI are all showing increases. Perhaps Maryland has figured something out. Now, as you all know, I don’t watch any of the news channels because their unmitigated bias. Last thing I heard was how cases were exploding in MI and of course, FOX just went nuts over that. I know, shocking. And, I think CNN was hollering about Florida again. Why isn’t anyone talking about NY and TN? If you have information on that, please post a comment.   

         I know this last line is redundant, but I stand by it! It would be wise for all them to shut the hell up and actually do some work instead of jockeying for camera time: politicians, scientists and bobble-head anchors.