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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Biden Executive orders WHO and Paris Accords


And just like that, we've rejoined the WHO (?) and the Paris Accords. The same WHO that said China had it under control and then it blew up in Italy. The same organization that was Johnny on the spot during the H1N1 epidemic. On the second one, Any one taken the time to read the accords? It is nothing but a huge washing machine. Reminds me of our own EPA. 100 billion from each nation to set up committee after committee with no authority to sanction nations that don't meet their goals. Nothing but a Ponzi scheme for those who want it on their resume. If you haven’t read them, take the time before making a decision.

We already have the ineffective UN. Why do we need to join two more agencies that only want our money and have no substance?

I’ll go back to WWII for an analogy. We didn’t need a world agency telling us to share information and technology. England was the first to effectively show the benefit of radar during the “Battle of Britain.” We embraced the idea. We worked very closely with Great Britain on hunting U-Boats and the rapidly changing tactics and technology that sent over 300 of them to depths. And then there’s the D-Day invasion of 6-6-1944. The amount of co-ordination and technological sharing was off the charts. Didn’t need a useless world organization telling the countries involved they needed to work together-they just did it! Who was involved? United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Belgian, Czech, Dutch, New Zealand, Norway, Greek, Polish and Rhodesia. That is one helluva working alliance!  

Now, someone might pipe up about NATO. Valid point. NATO served a definitive purpose as it was an answer to the Warsaw Pact. But when it came to policing the world, the US took the brunt of the burden. Think of the Korean War, Kosovo, Libya and Somalia. How many NATO troops are stationed in S. Korea? What country was called upon to shore-up the UN forces in Somalia during their famine and civil war? Sadly, the US. It is a given that we need alliances, but like World War II, it must be a vibrant alliance where each country gives it all and not in name only.

COVID update we 1-24-2021


COVID 19 update 25,047,893 total cases, 417,390 deaths. New cases, 1,233,927, a decrease of, 337,654, -21% .23,231 deaths last week a decrease of, 1,723, 7%. Deaths per day, 1,414 since WE 4-19. Up 40 per day from last week. Deaths/day WE 1-24, 3,056. A decrease of 277/day. Six states still account for 24.685% of cases and 30% of deaths: NY, NJ, CT, CA, MA, WA. TX and FL 3,882,051 15% of cases and 60,022 deaths, 14%. It is the 4th leading cause of death in the US. Death rate versus known cases, US infection rate, 1.8736%, mortality rate, .1265%. States with the biggest increase over 10% from previous week: AK. accounts for an increase of 30 mortalities. US accounts for 26.032% of known cases and 20.276% of mortalities, worldwide. Comparison to other countries mortalities to population: Bosnia/Herz 1.0959%, Libya .2417%, England .1460%, Italy .1413%, US .1265%, Mexico, .1191%, Spain .1186%, Peru .1189%, France .1113%, Brazil .1033%. Sweden that didn’t shut down .1068%. Of the developed countries, Australia is holding steady with no new mortalities reported at 908. They’ve lost one person since qw-11-29-2020. These numbers come from the CDC and John Hopkins.


          Why do I post these numbers? Because I don’t buy into sensational headlines from any new source. I chose not to live in fear from what some bobblehead anchor wants to spout off. Many times through our current crisis I have heard glaring and contradictory misinformation from supposed, informed media sources..  

          US recovery rate of those testing positive is 98.12%. NY had a drop of 5% new cases per week, CA, decrease 5%, TX  and FL saw a 2% drop in new cases from last week.

          The current debate is the distribution of the vaccine. You can’t deliver what you don’t have. Even with the “War Powers Act” in-acted, it takes time for the manufactures to gear up. They first had to develop a working a vaccine which took nine months. A company doesn’t invest tens of millions in production until they know they have a working formula. It too the US two years to start churning out the implements of war during WWII. Ford claimed they would churn out a bomber an hour. They did achieve that goal in 1945, three years after being awarded the B-24 contract. This is something the media can’t grasp their pin head opinions around. Take for example the Liberty Ships. When construction began, it took 244 to build one. Over time and improved techniques, the number dropped to 43 days. Didn’t happen overnight. It took time. Warfare weapons can be battle tested and analyzed to increase performance and reliability. With a vaccine, that isn’t an option. It’s right or it isn’t. From what I’ve read on the RNA process, there is no room for error. And think of how many people must be trained to oversee the process making sure it is 100% safe. So, do you want it right now or do you want it right? I prefer the later.  

Friday, January 22, 2021

A look at some of Biden's Executive Orders

 Let's look at a few of Biden's Executive orders that have triggered quite the interesting debates. 


One stroke of the pen and 11,000 good paying union jobs vanish. Good job Joe! What will you do tomorrow?

This topic rapidly turned into a blame game on Trump and his handling of the virus. And yes, the mask war exploded with neither side gaining any ground. Many said the numbers were over inflated and not factual. Or, that the whole line is in Canada which is wrong. This would be phase IV and is 1179 miles long running a more direct route from Hardisty, CA to Steele City, NB. This article affirms the numbers in lost jobs. Keystone Pipeline Jobs

One stroke of the pen and the hard work women put in to getting their own sports programs recognized and funded has been placed in jeopardy. For 58 years women have struggled and fought to gain their rightful place in sports at the high school and collegiate level and succeeded. Now it's all for naught. If Johnny can't compete with the men, he decided he wants to be a female in a man's body. What's next, men that can't make it in the MLB, NBA or PGA start deciding they are female so they can compete? There is a good article in the Guardian and Prager U addressing this issue. I look at my grand children and think of the ramifications it will have on them. Each is good at a sport in their own right, but when a male of the same age and skill set competes against them, they lose. It doesn't stop them from trying, but it is an uphill battle. Imagine if the "Silver Bullets" female baseball team would have been made up of men and transgender women. It might have succeeded, but it didn't. The women could compete on the A and double AA level but when it came to AAA, it was no contest-they lost and lost badly. For those of us old enough to remember the USSR and their female(?) athletes, how many times did we think we were watching a woman in a man's body? Hell, some of them grew more facial hair than Santa Clause! Weight lifting comes to mind. And to quote a line from a current New York Post article, 1-20-2021 "Wall Street Journal reporter Abigail Shrier also took to Twitter to lash Biden’s order, which she said “unilaterally eviscerates women’s sports." Good job, Joe. What will you do tomorrow?