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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Georgie Senate Run off Analysis


Let’s review the current Georgia run-off. When voting stopped last night, the estimates were 160 to 200k votes to cast. By the numbers this morning only 13,742 have been counted. Interesting. Ossoff picked up 13,276. Perdue 466.

In the November 3rd election in the Warnack/Loefler race 4,914,395 votes were cast. As of right now, 4,401,162 have been counted. That is a difference of 513,233 fewer votes, -10%. Really? In the Perdue/Ossoff race ON 11-3-2020, 4,952,167 were cast compared to 4,387,322 right now. A difference of 449,810.00, -11%. 

For all the money spent, where did all the voters go? One would think that with all the money spent the turnout would have been off the charts. That didn’t happen, so what did?

I am not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination but when the math doesn’t add up, it does raise questions.

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