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Sunday, June 17, 2018




            June 22nd, 1941. Hitler launches Operation Barbarossa. He defiantly states that when the door is kicked in, Stalin’s corrupt government will collapse. German forces stream across the open plains, devouring everything in their path. There is nothing to stop them, or is there?
            The clans have melded together and for the moment are working as one. They buried Stephan and are looking for quarters where Nicole and Dmitri can birth their child. No one knows that another child will born that will rip the clans apart, except one.
            In Southern Russia, Nikoli’s brother, Konstantin watches the developments with great curiosity. He knows a battle is coming, he just doesn’t know where or when they will start fighting the new invaders.
            And deep in Wewelsburg Castle, Doctor Mannheim is trying to unveil the mystery of vampiric blood.
            The action and intrigue move at a frenzied pace as the soil of Russia is being drenched with German and Russian blood.
            Prepare, if you dare, for the second installment of the Occupation series.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rise of the Fourth Reich!

All three books have been combined into one! And the great news is, you will save almost $2.00 when you buy the complete set! Rise of the Fourth Reich

            At the end of World Wat Two, the most sought out commodity by the Allies were the German scientists and leaders who were responsible for the development of the V 1, V2 rockets,  fiction. The Germans dispelled the myths as they turned fiction into reality. The U.S. scored Wernher von Braun and Otto Skorzenzy. At the time, it seemed like a major coup. Too bad the leaders of the day couldn’t see into the future.

            Otto’s son, Leonoid, would become one the top scientists in the country. He studied and trained at the most prestigious universities in the United States. His outstanding marks and grasp of physics landed him at NASA in the sixties. He would move on into the field of alternative powers, working with Dr. Loerke on the Super Conducting Super Collider in Waxahachie,TX. When that project was closed down, he moved on to new technologies concerning time travel and perpetual motion energy.
            No one paid particular attention to his meteoric rise in the scientific community, except for a select in Washington D.C. Leonoid was the conduit they needed to fulfill the mission their ancestors had failed to accomplish in the 40’s—world domination.

            In California, Muki, Judith, Abdul and Larry. was finishing up six years of studying and cramming to obtain their selected double majors. To celebrate they decided to take a trip across America before entering the work force. First stop, Las Vegas and the twenty-on table. The plan was to win enough cash to finance their vacation. They are elated after cashing out for $100,000. Unknown to them, the casino manager, Nathan Francisco has other ideas; what is won in Vegas stays in Vegas and there are no exceptions.

            A frantic car chase through the sleepy town of Pioche places our grads on the grounds of what appears to be an abandoned government facility. Who and what they find inside could lead to the downfall of the United States government.

            Join our foursome as they race across the United States attempting to stop the most nefarious plan to date in Washington D.C.—The Rise of the Fourth Reich!

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Friday, June 8, 2018


It all started with a harmless trip to Las Vegas book trailer.

What the kids find at Pioche, Nevada could change the mistakes of the past from World War Two as the scientists we brought over have their own agenda: Gateway: Pioche 

Despite the best efforts of those who wish to overthrow the US government they aren't giving up that easily. The time machine might be destroyed but the technology isn't.  Those who support the new order and bound and determined to use their new weapon to eliminate those who have taken a stand against tyranny. Destination DC.

They say three is the charm. Is it? Hitler Jr. is infuriated with the past failures. Everyone he relied on to carry out his plan of world domination is either dead or incompetent. He has taken matters into his own hands and plans to release a weapon his father could only dream of-THOR! He will bring the leaders of the world to their knees when he shows them the ultimate weapon. Target: Berlin



Monday, May 28, 2018

True love and Second Chances

Nine years ago I took Debbie her girls and my oldest son to a Ranger's game. Sadly, it would be her last. This is our story. Love's True Second Chance

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day Tribute.

This is one of my favorite poems honoring those who served.


The streets are lined again.
The crowd bustles about.
A few stores are open for patrons.
Children pull at their parents pants.
He takes it all in with grim determination,
the past enough far behind.

The assembly area is full of activity.
Organizers scurry about with a purpose.
For some it is there first,
for him, it is a lifetime of honor.

The clock approaches 10:00am.
The crowd becomes restless as children squirm.
Some stand by the curb for a good view.
Others are hoisted to shoulders.
Some sit on lawn chairs wondering why they came.
His eyes never waver from the street.

A gunshot is heard,
It marks the beginning of the festivities.
The shot makes him shudder.
He thinks back of youth lost,
He remembers the deep snow,
the hot tropics,
the smell of cordite.
He forces a tear back.

A cadence booms far away.
Is it the sound of gunfire,
or is it a lost memory?
His eyes strain to see the coming spectacle.

One by one, the lead cars slowly pass by.
He politely waves with acknowledging eyes.
The children jostle for the bits of candy tossed.
Moms and dads tousle with the little ones.
He pays them no mind,
for they are only children.
What do they know of the cost?

His hands gently move over his brass buttons,
making sure no wrinkles show.
His medals, all highly polished,
the Eagle shines brightly from his cover,
again, he fights a tear.

He knows why he came,
He knows the pain and the cost,
he was there.
He held men in pain,
he saw lives extinguished in a blink.
He fights back the memories,
the cries of help, the cries of sorrow,
the sounds of battle.
The memories are a heavy weight.

A toddler accidentally bumps into a wheel.
The chair wobbles just a bit.
He places a kind smile to the tot.
The child retreats to his parents.

There. There they are.
The sight of the banners fills him with pride.
He knows what it still stands for,
he knows the price of letting it blow.

The closer they approach,
the past creeps in with each perfect step.
St. Mere Eglise, Caen, Falaise, and Bastogne.
Was it only yesterday Joe fell, or was it Billy?
It matters not, for many followed them at:
Saigon, Khe Sanh, Hue, and TET.

He remembers the letters to parents of those who fell,
but never met: Tarawa, Tinian, Peleliue, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
He wears the pains of many with the medals.
They performed when called.
They shirked nothing, yet sacrificed all.

The memories almost overwhelm him with pride and grief.
A weathered hand gently pats his right hand.
“Sammy, are you ready?”
The voice is strong, yet comforting.
“Yes Martha.”

They are closer now.
He pushes the locks on the chair,
braces his hands and prepares to rise,
to pay tribute for those before and to come.
A tear slides down his weathered face.
A young voice is barely audible
as the banner becomes brighter and closer.
“Look mommy, that man is crying. Why?'
Her face turns a light scarlet.

They are ten meters and closing,
he summons the strength to stand.
He struggles to rise.
He must rise, he must pay tribute!
They are all his brothers.
He can no longer raise a rifle for safety,
he can only stand in honor for those fallen.
The effort becomes more difficult each passing year.

His strength fails when he needs it most.
He curses softly as his body fails.
They are only five meters away.
He must rise and stand!

Two young strong hands appear from the crowd.
Without a word, they lift him up,
ever standing vigil for balance.
He looks neither left or right,
but straight into the past.

The colors of the Armed Forces are now two meters away.
He straightens a crooked back,
adjusts his cover,
and with the forgotten strength of youth,
raises his right hand and salutes the colors.

The young men stop and return the salute.
The crowd stares in awed silence,
for the commander has stopped the parade.
They stand as straight as a pillar,
neither looking left or right.
The commander barks an order.
The men take one step forward,
and lower the colors.
They stand one meter from the old soldier.

The parade has stopped.
Organizers frantically run about,
the cause is unknown.
Then they see it.
It wasn't in the program,
but they feel something in the air.
Is it electricity or something more?

The commander barks another order.
The group returns a solid salute.
They salute the man and what he wears,
a small blue ribbon attached to a five point medal.

The young commander approaches his brother.
The street is hushed in silence as the words flow;
“Thank you, from a very grateful nation, General.”

He fights back the tears and the memories.
He fights for balance, yet the strong hands assist,
his weakened, aged limbs.
“No” comes a choked response.
“Thank you for remembering us.”
The tears pour freely.
The emotions of fallen comrades erupt as he weeps, never wavering
with his salute.
For an instant, life has become an eternity,
like a giant force, the crowd faces the men,
and without any prompting or fanfare,
apply and return the salute to the men.

The General slides back into the chair.
The squad returns to the street,
each deep in thought as their tears also fall.
Without a word, they proceed forward.
The parade resumes, but with a new force,
a force of arms, a force of purpose,
a force displaying pride and freedom.

It is Memorial Day for the fallen.
“Martha, till next year?”