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Sunday, June 17, 2018




            June 22nd, 1941. Hitler launches Operation Barbarossa. He defiantly states that when the door is kicked in, Stalin’s corrupt government will collapse. German forces stream across the open plains, devouring everything in their path. There is nothing to stop them, or is there?

            The clans have melded together and for the moment are working as one. They buried Stephan and are looking for quarters where Nicole and Dmitri can birth their child. No one knows that another child will born that will rip the clans apart, except one.

            In Southern Russia, Nikoli’s brother, Konstantin watches the developments with great curiosity. He knows a battle is coming, he just doesn’t know where or when they will start fighting the new invaders.

            And deep in Wewelsburg Castle, Doctor Mannheim is trying to unveil the mystery of vampiric blood.

            The action and intrigue move at a frenzied pace as the soil of Russia is being drenched with German and Russian blood.

            Prepare, if you dare, for the second installment of the Occupation series.

***First thoughts from a reader: 

"You won't be able to sleep at all if you read what I'm reading. Sabotage, the sequel to Occupation, by the always intense Jeff Dawson. Okay, Jeff is pretty laid back, but his BOOKS!!! HOLY CRAP!"  Kelly Erickson


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