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Thursday, January 7, 2021

When is enough enough?


When is enough enough?

            This question was raised today when I posted the results of the Georgia Senate runoff. And then came the protest and violence at the Capital as protestors stormed the building to do what, I don’t know. I understand the frustration with the current election results. When Georgi stopped counting last night, they estimated there were between 160 and 200k votes to go. As of 4:00pm today only 60k have been counted so where is the difference? What happened to the other 100 to 140K? Tell me we didn’t see this back in November.

            I watched Trump address the protestors that descended on DC last night and today, this morning. He laid out his case for the problem in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania. The left continues to claim, there’s nothing to see here, yet spent three and-a-half years trying to have him thrown out.

            We all know passions are high from Trump supporters, as they rightly should be. It was only four years ago when we saw DC flooded with Hillary supporters chanting, “Not my president,” time and time again. ANTIFA, reared its ugly head and made themselves known in Seattle as they tried to interrupt commuters going to work. Remember that?  We saw an outflowing of pussy hats and mockery of Trump’s anatomy in many forms. Remember how liberals made reference to his hand size in an attempt to describe his penis? And let us not forget Kathy Griffin with Trump’s severed head, then crying that her career was over and Snoop Dog shooting a clown depicting Trump in his latest vile video. We on the right took it while those on the left were so proud of these actions and claimed it was their first amendment right to express their opinion on the subject matter. And then the drug user, felon, George Floyd was suffocated by Eric Chauvin. I condemn the action by Chauvin but was appalled when a percentage of the nation gave a felon five funerals and made him a martyr.

            Once again, the left took to the streets, ANTIFA, BLM and demanded, “No justice, no peace,” The MSM hailed the fascist/Marxist groups as an awakening long overdue in America while down playing the two billion dollars in property damage and the deaths of David Dorn and Bernell Tramell, yet vilified Kyle Rittenhouse for defending himself from thugs. If it would have been the “Old West,” they would have hung him from the highest tree they could find and claim is was justified. Dorn’s assailants have been captured but nothing on Tramell. Why?

            They burned, looted and rioted in Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, St. Louis, DC and the press, along with liberals, tried to blame right wing extremist agitators for all the violence. They blamed Trump for the Federal Courthouse being attacked in Portland after Federal Troops were sent to quell the violence. Had enough yet?

            Today, we are witnessing something the right/conservatives haven’t done. They stood up and made a stand. They took their voice to DC to let the duly(?) elected officials know, enough is enough. To quote the media, “the majority of the protestors were peaceful, while only a handful were violent.” But I don’t see that panning out. I’ve looked at plenty of liberal posts and their opinion is unanimous, anyone who supports Trump is a seditionist, guilty of treason and should be jailed along with those who signed sworn affidavits of voter fraud. Had enough yet?

            So where does that leave us? For one, mad as hell. So, what action can we take? In 1776 and 1860 a majority of American said enough was enough. That doesn’t mean they all agreed on the action because of the potential disruption in trade and commerce. Yeah, follow the money. In the first instance we revolted, with arms against a tyrannical England, In the second the South took the same steps against the North. In both cases it was “don’t tell us how to live our lives.” What would have happened if that first shot wouldn’t have been fired at Concord or Fort Sumter? What would the United States look like today? This is the crossroads we are rapidly approaching. Today, was but a shot across the bow. If the reports I’m seeing are accurate and ANTIFA had plants in the protest, while it gives the Republicans a black eye, it doesn’t change the general atmosphere or hate filled rhetoric from the left. And why, all of sudden are those who remained silent, while our country burned this summer, come pouring out of the woodwork and condemning and trying to come across as virtuous because the Capitol building was breached? I guess democracy only happens in DC. Dammit it all to hell to Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, LA, Dallas, St. Louis and other towns/cities that were overrun by thugs, terrorists and anarchists. Democracy doesn’t live there, only in DC. Give me a break! Had enough yet?

            So when, do the quote, “silent majority” make a stand and how do they accomplish the feat of being heard? The first step is a full-blown independent audit of the election, top to bottom. No holds barred and no bias at all. That is the first step. If this doesn’t happen, the midterms of 2022 will be an unmitigated disaster. Second, Mitch McConnell and colleagues received a serious wake-up call today. How do you relate to those who continue to don $5,000 dollars suits and think approving $600 or even $2,000 for Americans while they continued to collect, $476.00 per day, living in the lap of luxury and think they’re being benevolent with their crumbs? If you’re a person of history, you can see the correlation between the United States and Czarist Russia. Germany didn’t defeat Russia in WW1, they quit, went home and threw out the Romanovs. Enough was enough.  

            While I condemn the actions today, it is a precursor of the future. Joe Biden has repeatedly said he will work for all Americans as did Ossoff for all Georgians. Time will tell by the policies they will enact and pass. Things that most Americans don’t want are higher taxes, open borders, sanctuary cities, weak foreign polices and a stripped military. I’d throw in the deficit but too many have become immune to a number they cannot even fathom. What is it now, 27 trillion and counting? Yeah, who cares. If those five points are reversed, get ready for a real fight on the ground when all Americans realize that DC does not have their best interests at heart. Then we will have had enough and that is when the next shots won’t be over the bow but at the bridge. That is when enough is enough.


**editing error. the word condone was used instead of condemn.  

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