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Saturday, November 9, 2013

I spent the last five days with my daughter. Why? Well, she and my oldest son took me to dinner on Sunday for my 54, yes I won't lie, 54 birthday. When we returned from the fine meal she started having bad stomach and back pains. I left six hours later only to return within another four. The pain had reached unendurable levels. Bottom line, her gall bladder was a bit out of whack and needed to be removed. With the surgery successful, she came home to rest. Her girls decided they wanted Chinese for dinner. Okay. Below is the fortune I received. 

 We had Chinese tonight. I know, what' the big deal. Well, it was the fortune cookie. Only I could receive such a moving message, and I quote, "Today's preparation "H" determines tomorrow's crowning achievement.

How’s that for a pertinent fortune. And yes, the following day, everything moved along nicely. 

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