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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ever wonder why life didn't follow the path you mapped out? When Debbie died in 2009 I was devastated. In 1990, I lost my partner to liver cancer. 2005 my father to angiosacrcoma and then Debbie to breast cancer. I couldn't help wondering, why was I there to watch those I loved be devoured by this deadly disease.  The answers I desperately sought revealed themselves a year later when I was recuperating from back surgery. I was there when they needed me the most. When I realized why, I sat down and chronicled the last twenty-five years trying to put the pieces together, attempting to understand why I was traveling this difficult path.

Instead of just writing down what I learned, I turned it into a speech, with music and videos This is the opening few minutes

If you too have wondered why your life didn't exactly follow the path you laid out, perhaps there's another force driving your bus: Why Did Everything Happen?

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