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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How cancer affects us.

The hours are counting down. I'm watching her slip through my fingers. No matter what I do or say, the cancer is running it's terrible course and there's nothing I or the doctors can do, except wait for the inevitable.

How many have traveled this course? How many have said goodbye to a loved one? How many have wondered if they did everything they could to save those we love? 

I didn't think I'd done everything I could for Larry, Dad or Debbie, until her girls told me, "You did everything you could. Without your help, she wouldn't have lived this long."

Those simple words were the most assuring  anyone  spoke to me since she passed. 

After I digested the thoughts, I sat down and recounted the last twenty-five years of my life in an attempt to understand why Itraveled the current path. I was very surprised when I realized I was placed in their lives when it mattered the most.

Why Did Everything Happen?

When I finished the above work, I decided, with the permission of her girls, to write the full story about their mom and the woman I knew and never forgot. 

Love's True Second Chance

Are these works sad? Perhaps. The main message I hope to convey is no matter how difficult our lives are or how many trials and tribulations we encounter in our journey, there is a reason we are traveling this path, even if we don't understand what the destination is. 

For me, it's been well worth the journey. Not a day goes by I don't miss them, but I'm content knowing I was there when we all needed each other when it counted the most. 

I hope the works help you with understanding your own path. 


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