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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Vampires versus the Third Reich, Poland, Germany, Russia

Today, I was going through all the books I still have in stock. It's quite an impressive list. Out of over 1400 ordered, I only have 173 in stock. Let's break down what they are.

1st and only run of the revised cover for Occupation. 

I doubt I'll run this cover in printed version any time soon as the original cover is doing well. However, I'm not one to deceive buyers, there are misspelled names in this copy. Iva should be Ivan, In some places Yakov became Kharkov and Mustafa the III came out as Mustang.

I'm reducing the price for this limited run to $7.00 That includes shipping, U.S. only. That is a fifty percent savings!  For all other countries, the total comes to $22.00. Out of country shipping is ridiculous!  To get your copy, go to my  Paypal, LDDJ Enterprises Publishing.

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