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Monday, September 11, 2017

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Three weeks are left in the season and the heat is building the AL. It’s fair say the Red Sox, Indians and Astros have their futures locked for the playoffs. The wildcards, not so much. As of today, the Yankees and Twins would make the show, however, with approximately twenty games to go, nothing is written in stone. The Angels, Rangers, Mariners, Royals, Orioles and Rays are still in the hunt. After watching the Rangers implode against the Yanks this weekend, I can’t think of one reason I’d like to see them make it. It would be a repeat of last years utter collapse against the Blue Jays. Seriously, of the five teams still chasing for the slot, I don’t see any of them knocking off the three league leaders. The Yanks do have the best chance of beating one of them, but if they start slipping, they too could be watching the play-offs from their homes.

The National League is much more entertaining. The Dodgers didn’t have a slump all season, but September is rearing its ugly head. It wasn’t long ago writers were comparing them to the 2002 Mariners who couldn’t lose, until they go the play-offs and were swept! If they can’t find their magic wand, it is possible for the Diamondbacks to catch them. Wouldn’t that be something?
The Central Division is still not settled. Yes, the Cubbies are in first place, but for how long. They have battled all year to reach 1st place, but they have the Brewers and Cardinals nipping at their heels. Of all of the teams, the Cardinals to me, are the most dangerous. They have a knack for making post-season play and then lighting up the competition. Just ask the Rangers of 2011 how that worked out.  

There is no doubt about it, it’s going to be a race to finish with the possibility of more than one, one game elimination to determine the post season landscape.

Gotta love this sport.

Play Ball!

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