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Friday, July 26, 2019

Poetry for Debbie

Something I've been toying with. Thoughts are welcome. 

My Heart

I thought it was mine
I knew it was mine.
What did I know?

It was full of happiness.
It was full of joy.
It was mine to control.
Or was it?

I stood by your bed.
I stroked your chest.
The warmth was subsiding.
The pain diminishing.
My heart began aching.

A sensation swept over me.
Thirty years ago I gave what I
Thought was mine.
It wasn’t.
It was always yours,
Yet I still didn’t know.

Your breathing stopped.
The pain began dissipating from
Your face.
The Doctor told me she was gone.
His words shattered my heart.
My heart!
But it wasn’t mine.
It had always been hers.

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