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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Blame Game is Alive and Well

            Whose fault is it? Depends who you listen to. But which topic: COVID 19 or Minneapolis. The common thread is Donald Trump, the President and those cities that have and are being ravaged are proportionately Democratic. If we put our faith in the press, one side is putting all the blame on the President while the other side is blaming the Democratic governors, mayors etc.
            I’ve touched on this in past posts but I think it needs to be revisited. On 12-7-1941, the United States was thrust into what would become World War Two. The attack resulted in the death of 2,438 military personnel and civilians. We would lose over 450,000 soldiers in the conflict. In today’s media environment, FDR and his cabinet advisors would be grilled unmercifully for this intelligence failure. Instead of uniting and focusing on defeating Germany and Japan the country would be mired down in senseless investigations and political posturing. Luckily that didn’t happen and we aren’t speaking German or Japanese.
            Fast forward. With Americans dying from a deadly virus and civil unrest explodes across the country, the press and politicians are scrambling to assign blame for both events. At the end of WWII trials were convened to hold those accountable for the deaths of over 50 to 60 million people, but not until the conflict was over! With COVID 19 the current culprits are China, WHO, NIH, CDC and yes Trump. And to what end is being achieved? Not a damn thing. The virus is still alive and well and still killing while our leaders are squabbling and inflaming the rhetoric.
            The same problem is happening with the killing of George Floyd. The current targets are, the Mexican Cartel, ANTIFA,, Proud Boys, Alt-right and Alt-left fascist groups and Trump. And what is being accomplished as America burns? Nothing. Absolutely, not a damn thing! And that is appalling. It is time to restore law and order in cities and let the FBI, Homeland Security and local law enforcement sort out the culprits later.
            And where are we getting our daily diet of information? From a bias press, both right and left. Don’t believe me, go to social media or your emails and look closely at the working being used. A majority of Americans are parroting what they hear without thinking.
            It is time to focus on the problems at hand and attack them as our fathers and grandfathers did from 1941 to 1945. If not, we will lose these battles and have no one to blame but ourselves.   

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