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Thursday, August 27, 2020

MLB, NBA, NHL Cancel Games

So, games are cancelled over the shooting of felons, Floyd, Blake and Brooks. In each case the suspects resisted, were on drugs or drinking. All three, if you watch the entire videos, fought with police. Two, physically attached the police. One stole a taser. Another, wielded a knife and threatened to retrieve a gun and shoot them. What professional sports doesn't realize, or maybe they do, is that they are supporting convicted felons! Makes senses to me. However, where were the protests for David Dorn or the six black children murdered over July 4th weekend? That's right, nothing. And don't forget about Bernall Trammell. Why weren't games cancelled for these violent crimes? Where is the justice for them? Where is the outrage from the MSM? Why are they silent and complacent? When did it become vogue to revere felons and demonize police? If the three aforementioned victims would have complied with police commands, they would still be alive today, but they didn't. In Floyd's case, Chauvin was way out of line and justice will be served. The other two, no. Professional sports is about to get a huge reality check in the demographic that supports and views their games when the ratings, which are already low, plummet to new lows and advertisers demand to renegotiate their contracts. The money will dry up overnight because no one wants to back a sport no one is watching. And like others have said, cancelling games does nothing and achieves nothing. Until the players get on the front lines and attempt to make difference, their gesture is hollow at best. I have several videos discussing this very topic:

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