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Thursday, September 10, 2020

911 A Day of Rembrance

 How many will not be able to not discuss politics tomorrow? Posts tomorrow should only be about the worse terrorist attack our country has ever endured. Pearl Harbor was dreadful, but the die was cast and war was eminent. Who remembers the tens of thousands of American Flags flying proudly from houses, cars and the remains of the towers? Who remembers members of the House and Senate holding hands and singing "God Bless America?" We didn't think they could come together on anything and yet they did. Who remembers the National Pride that filled almost every American that fateful day and the months to come? Who remembers? I do, I will abide by what I say. Tomorrow is not a time for political bickering among friends or those in Washington or any other State Capital or city. Tomorrow is a day for reflection and remembrance. God Bless America!

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