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Monday, April 8, 2013

This has started out as a very busy few weeks. Three interview hit the airwaves. Very nice. Let's bundle them up so we aren't searching through each and every site.

Joey Pinkney-Acclaimed book reviewer, Joey Pinkney, provides an excellent look into Occupation I'm still beaming over the comment about it being a,"A unique literally document." Very nice. Joey Pinkney's thoughts.

Dan Obrien-Met Dan after surfing around one day. I liked his style of humor and decided to give it a go. Good Times! A few minutes with Dan O'Brien

Vampire Realm-Folks, this is a site for those who are "Hard Core" vampire lovers. This site covers every angle one could think about in the genre. I will say this, Occupation appears to be the only written with a true historical background. Perhaps a trendsetter in the making? Now, about the photo. I think the sun was in my eyes. Enter the world of Vampires!

Don't forget, later this week I'll be featuring a few authors who have written very compelling lover stories.

Have a great week!


  1. Say it isn't so, Jeff. LOVE STORIES! Men can have a few weak moments. They can even, once in a very uncommon while, shed a tear. But LOVE STORIES! You better make a damn good case for this one :-)

  2. Tim, Have you known me to disappoint? Okay, scratch that. I'll say this much, three of them are non-fiction and one is a baseball novel. Two of the works are exact opposites, while two almost mirror each other which was hauntingly eerie.


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