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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life in Tornado Alley

Good morning folks, Until this massive system has dealt its last blow, I won't be posting any promo's or  book reviews. Growing up in Tulsa, Ok. and helping on some clean-ups in the past, I know how violent these storms are. Jarrod,Tx. Wylie-Sachse,Tx. Dallas,Tx. Moore,Ok, Tulsa,Ok, Joplin,Mo. Tuscallossa, Ala, Seagoville,Tx. and the list goes on. I thought about posting some pics, but the media has that well in hand.

If you are a follower and live anywhere between Dallas/FT.Worth to Chicago, Illinois and fifty miles either side of this line, you are in the danger zone today. My greatest fear during this time of season is how focused people become on only the areas the Weather Channel or local meteorologists are with the "high risk" areas. Yes, those are the most volatile, but that doesn't mean the rest of the areas are safe. Do not be fooled and do not let your guard down. The entire area is at risk. Just because you don't see storm chasers or hear watches and warning in your area, does it mean the all clear has been sounded.

I'm reminded of a tornado that touched down SE of Dallas in 92 or 93. The family and I lived in Kaufman (25 miles SE of Dallas). I spent the day doing lawn work and auto repairs. The skies were not nearly as threatening as the current system.The wind was blowing out of the South all day. Moisture and humidity levels were reasonably stable. I had no idea what was going on NE of us. Point is, do not be lackadaisical and complacent. They can erupt anytime, anywhere. Stay vigilant and alert.

For those of you who live east of this powerful system, Ken. Tenn, Ohio, Lou, Miss, Ala, Fla, Carolinas, Virginias, and all other states; slowly but surely, the system will start trekking eastward. What happened in Moore,Ok is coming your way.

Be safe my friends.

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