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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A few more baseball posts. I promise to get back on book reviews and other exciting items once the World Series is over. I just need to vent over a few issues that really get me fired up!

This has to be the wildest World Series I can remember. Forget what the wonderful analysts are saying and take in the game. Last night's Obstruction call was the most bizarre play to date for a winning run. Let me guess, it was a walk off obstruction call. I know Ferrell had to argue or attempt a debate. The look on his face and the rest of the Red Sox and Cardinal players had them all stumped. "He gets home why?" "You've got to be kidding me?" "Nope, run scores. Read the rules." And Jim Joyce made the call immediately. No hesitation. No afterthought. You can see him in the top right corner pointing at the play and giving the appropriate sign. Talk about exciting! We've seen multiple errors, a slew of pitchers, great and not so great defense. This is why we love the game. We never know what's going to happen. Can't wait for game four. This is a series where I would love to see the best of nine!

Troy Aikman needs to worry about calling football and not commenting on last night's ballgame. What did he say, "It was a shame the game ended that way?" WTH? Shut up Troy. Worry about football. Was it shame Beltran bruised his ribs running into the wall or perhaps, it was sad Hunter flipped over the right field wall trying to make a spectacular catch. Troy, you have enough trouble calling football, so, for our sakes, leave baseball alone! While you're at it, invite Joe Buck and Tim McCarver over for dinner. With luck we'd get Tony Francona and Vin Scully to call the game. Now that would be a great tandem.

It took me a while to get fired up, but it finally happened. How many time during game four were we inundated with how game three ended and what a TERRIBLE end it was. For who? The Cardinals? The Red Sox or the analysts? Well, it wasn’t one and two. That’s right, number three. The so called experts didn’t like the outcome because they didn’t know the rule until it happened. Well, wah, wah, I’ll be nice, wah! It’s a rule. Deal with it. I almost puked when Joe Buck was beating his chest because Joe Torre announced, MLB will review the rule. Why? It’s a rule, just like interference, dropped third strike, infield flies, balking, fan interference, and a host of others. What if the game winning run would have scored off a passed ball, wild pitch or God forbid, a dropped third strike. Yes, there was one out and first base wasn’t occupied, so the batter could have advanced to first. Remember, with less than two outs and first base occupied, the batter is automatically out. All other runners would advance at their own peril. Imagine an overthrow to first allowing Molina to scamper home, or Jay grounds to Pedroia who wings the ball into the stands or dugout. Result—run scores, Cards win. I guess if Uehara would have balked in the winning run that would be acceptable. Not even when the cows come home. The analysts would have been freaking out because they don’t know the rules surrounding a balk. They need to shut up and call the game. Instead of running their mouths, they should spend more time reading the rules and letting the game call itself. Where’s Vin Scully, Don Drysdale, Howard Cosell, Tony Kubek or Joe Garagiola when we need them? I know where they aren’t, on MLB or in the FOX Broadcast booth. There should be a rule concerning ignorant announcers. Wow. That would thin out the field in a heartbeat. On to game five. 

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