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Friday, October 4, 2013

Two works of Horror and Suspense

It's the witching month, yes it is! And what better way to kick it off than with two books sure to keep the lights on past midnight.

Terror at The Sterling is loosely based on actual events which occurred at the hotel. An unsolved murder from the mid seventies and a most peculiar eviction. My friend, Lee (Mel Thornton in the book) and the desk manager were asking two residents to move out based on non-payment. The pair agreed they wouldn't trash out the room. Well, Lee went to check on the room. His key didn't work. He called the desk manager to bring another key. His didn't work, luckily he had a master. When they opened the door, the room was completely trashed. Furniture broken, trash strewn on the floor, windows broken, A/C missing and the TV split in two. They couldn't believe it. They went downstairs and found the two guys. They both described what the room looked like. The evictees stared at them in disbelief. All four made their way back to the room. According to Lee, only ten minutes had passed. When they came back to the room, it was in pristine condition. Armed with theses tidbits of knowledge, I wrote,  Terror at The Sterling  "Click the title to purchase"

The next book is, how shall we say, a bit different. I've studied WWII for over forty years. Three years ago, the lady who was taking care of my mom suggested I write a love story about WWII. Nope, not doing it. Saw, "Enemy at the Gates." Not happening. I then called my deceased finances daughter Jessica, and asked her if vampires were still big. She gave a big thumbs up. Okay, can I combine WWII and vampires into a plausible plot? After months of deliberating, I came up with Occupation. Plain and simple, this book is about evil versus evil. I think Joey Pinkney describe it best, "anti-heroes slowly form and lines become blurred." At times, do you pull for the SS or the Vampires? That's what he was eluding to. In the end, I believe the battle lines are clearly drawn. The work captures the brutality of both sides. Not for the faint of heart.
Click Title to PURCHASE: Occupation

Happy reading to all! 


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    Philip Ariel
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  2. Hello PV. I'll try it again. I tried to make the change six months ago. The dashboard showed it was accepted, but for some reason it didn't take on the main board. Appreciate the follow.


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