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Friday, September 27, 2013

A modern day time travel, science fiction odyssey.

Apologize for being absent. Been busy writing and promoting. I need to get back to posting book reviews. The list has grown considerable over the past few months. Until then, I want to announce Destination D.C., the sequel to Gateway: Pioche, is now available in printed versions! I will caution readers, you have to read the first one.Why? Well, when this one was written, an introduction would have spoiled all the excitement in the first book. There will be a third one, Target: Berlin. Will there be a fourth one? I have no idea. This never started out as a series. I was convinced after Gateway, there was no way to trump time travel. I was mistaken. I know, no shock there. But when the technology used to power the time machine is converted into a magnetic resonance gravitational weapon, well, things really start heating up.

Gateway: Pioche

Destination D.C.

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