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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This post, for a change, has nothing to do with books or reviews. Instead, I wanted to discuss a very interesting debate I’ve engaged in. A female, whose name will remain unknown, is currently dating, seeing, accosting or visiting three male suitors. I know, so what? Well, she has a rating system of 1,2,3. She affectionately refers to them as wannabees. In other words, she might wanna be with them on a permanent basis. Yeah, nothing ground shaking here until you look at the candidates with an eagle eye. #3 isn’t worth reviewing because, well, he’s #3. But numbers two and one are.

Currently, number one has a dog which stays with his ex-wife. In order to keep visitation with the animal he has to be nice and on many occasion isn’t able to spend time with our mistress in distress.

Number two on the other hand has no baggage or ex-wives holding him canine hostage. He sends flowers at least twice a month, takes her dancing and over the Christmas Holiday has paid for four days in the Bahamas. This GUY is number two! Why?

I debated the topic at great length with this fine female specimen attempting to point out that by all logic and accounts, number two is by far superior to the current number one. She only smiled and said, “maybe.” I pose the question to the readers, based on the current facts, who should be Numero Uno?  


  1. Is #1 cuter than #2? Does it make a difference? To some shallow people it does. I say #2 should be #1 and piss on current #1.

    1. In this case, I believe looks are similar.


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