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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Good morning across the globe, It's been a very busy month. I've been working on covers for the poetry book, Life's Spectrum and a short story, Final Delivery. Below is the concept for the second. It still needs some work, but it truly captures the theme.

I know, nothing earth shattering, but wait, there's more! I'm working on one of the darkest books to date. Yep, darker than Occupation. About a month ago the chiropractor I see gave me an idea. He wanted me to write a story about a hot looking gal who gets hurt in an accident, comes to see the doctor who heals her and they live happily ever after. For those who know me, that's going to happen. So, I looked him in the eye and said, "You have me confused with someone else. Here's what's going to happen. She will come see you, you will heal her, and then comes the nasty twist. A sordid love triangle ensues and it doesn't turn out well for anyone. When the main character, Joe Robertson finds out what his wife is up to, he initiates a plan so dark I had to take a shower when I wrote the next to last chapter. It became an erotic blood bath. I won't be using my name on this one! It's that dark, no, it's plain black.

What else? I'm moving along with the third book in the Gateway series: Target Berlin. This one is taking turns I never saw coming. Readers are going to find out the man responsible for funding and fueling the rise of the Fourth Reich across the world. The weapon in this one is directly linked to the UFO the Germans found in the Black Forest in 1936. Shooting for a mid-march release. And finally, the sequel to Occupation is gaining steam. It's taken a while for the characters to show me which direction the story was going. It appears they've sorted it out. About damn time! Possible mid-march release or early April.

I have a slew of reviews to post, but until I can knock out a couple of the above projects, I need to stay on course and get something finished.

That's all for now. Have a great week. Back to hammering on the keys.

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