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Friday, February 21, 2014

In six weeks, one of my greatest passions is going to kick-off: Baseball. Spring training has kicked off for the majors across the United States. Little League, Junior High and High Schools are right behind them. If you're a player or a coach and need some new ideas on running practices and getting your players to play as a team, now is the best time to check out my coaching manuals. I've spent over twenty-fiver years as a player, coach and umpire. In all those years, I see the same mistakes repeated over and over again: unorganized practices, kids who can't pitch, catch or hit. Coaches frustrated with parents, players and umpires. And the main reason is, they'd forgotten the FUNDAMENTALS  of the game. My approach will put the most important word back in the game: FUN! So, let's oil up the gloves, sharpen the spikes and break out the bats. It's time to put FUN back in the game.

The Baseball Coaching Manual: Little League to High School

The Baseball Coaching Manual: Volume II

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