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Friday, September 5, 2014

Mail Order Bride Dating, Russian Style!

Since the release of Jeff and Julia's Saga, I have spent the last few months corresponding with another Russian hottie: Nadezhda. It has, to say the least, been an amusing and tittilating tryst. Not sure if I'm going to giver her her own spotlight or add her into the improved expanded first work.

All thought and comments regarding the upcoming bestseller are appreciated. Here is an excerpt of our deep, intellectual exchanges.

June 16, 2014

Hi !!! It's me Nadezhda.

< Good start. She knows who she is.>

The first thing, I want to do is to say "thank you" for your fast answer!!! :)

It means that your heart is open for new friends:) I think it's Great, because friendship brightens people's life and refreshes souls, doesn't it? That is why I was so glad to see your letter. I am happy to have received the message from the dating site, with your email address from your profile, and have decided to write a letter to you, and I wasn't mistaken.

< She gets points for admitting she’s on a dating site.>

Ok, Probably you have already noticed that I'm not able to keep my emotions inside. :) Of course I am talking about joy, about good mood, about all good and positive things that can be in my soul. I always try to share my joy with other people. I never try to show people that I am grieved or I have some problems. Therefore all people who I work with and communicate are sure that everything in my life is perfect, that I am a happy woman, that I have no disappointments. But unfortunately it is not always true, because when a person is lonely, nothing can cure sadness. And if you ever felt the same, of course you understand what I am speaking about.

Well, I must tell that I try to write in English as good as possible (within my knowledge). I hope you understand all what I write:)

< So far, she’s got Julia beat by a mile.>

I have been already studying English for more than 10 years, but I understand that my English is not quite correct. Therefore I apologize for my mistakes :).

At school I wanted to be a traveler or singer and even finished a musical school. But I sing songs during my life just for myself  and do it quite good :) and I play the guitar.  do you play any musical instruments or sing? :)

< Sooner or later, I knew if I stuck with one of these gals, I’d be able to help a friend. Hey, Steve, need a backup player for a gig?>

When I finished school I realized that I want to work in a medical field. And after school I entered The Kazan State Medical University (the Dentist faculty).After 7 years of studying there I received an excellent diploma on "Dentist".

< Anyone. Are there Wal-Marts in Russia?  Appears they’re having a run in aisle five on Dental Diplomas.>

An excellent diploma is called red in our country. The red diploma is the highest mark at graduating from the university in our country. I have been working as a dentist for 4 years, I like my job in spite of the fact I have to work a lot. Also I have interesting seminar trips to many places. I go there to get my work experience. Once I was offered a training course n Canada, and I agreed. It was a good chance for me to see the world. During the courses in Canada I studied English.

< She’s starting to reach. She’s been studying English for ten years and decides to take more courses in Canada? Perhaps she meant French. No?>

Then I decided to work in English speaking countries. It's a good experience for me. Also it's very interesting.

< I knew it was too good to be true. They don’t speak English in Canada! How shocking!>

After finishing the training courses in Canada I was offered the job in the USA in Nevada. I accepted it with great pleasure.

But half a year ago I returned to Russia. It was necessary to settle some questions.

< I’m sure they were very unsettling questions at that.>

And Now I work in a local clinic in our town. Can you tell me how you chose your job?

Well, what you are looking for in a woman ? Probably you have many female friends in the Internet. :) ..mmm..

< I don’t have the heart to tell her about Julia. Which reminds me, where the hell did that little tart vanish too? Hmm.>

What else to tell you about myself as I have little time.. By the way, I use the computer in the laboratory and work from Monday till Friday. But sometimes on Saturday and Sunday.

< I think it’s a bit early for me to be concerned with her work habits.>

Therefore, maybe I will be able to write letters at weekends, if you want :)

This computer is located in the medical analyses room.

<And we care why?>

Well, now this computer will be used for my dialogue with ! :)

<Repeat above comment. And???>

I think you understood, I'm still single and I have no children. I wanted as well to learn more about your family .I miss my parents too much...

<Anyone out there think she was still single without kids? I was worrying I was being scammed.>

Now I have to go back to work and hope to see you soon.

Have a nice day !

Best regards.


PS. I sent you more pictures. Hope you like it.

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