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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fox Sports blows it again!

Tuesday’s Rant!

Many who follow my wonderful posts know how much I don’t enjoy the quote, “Expert Analysts” who invade our TVs and sensory nerves for each and every televised game. They claim and profess they are the masters of their universe when in actuality they are nothing more than over paid blow-hards attempting to convince us how knowledge and superior their brain pans are. Some days they make weathermen and politicians come across as intelligent.

For those of us who watched the Dodgers/Cardinals game, and endured Joe Buck, and his booth of stooges, we saw one of the greatest travesties to hit professional(?) broadcasting. What say ye, could have happened during the broadcast that would have me gnashing my teeth and chewing my pillow apart? I will say this much, if the mistake would have been made with Alabama/Auburn, Michigan/Michigan State, UCLA/USC, NewYork Yankees/New York Mets, or any other state rivalry, the studios of FOX would have been burned to the ground, and then the fans would have revolted.

 So what was this horrid act that has my yankles raised? Simple. Around the seventh inning, they showed the NCAA College Football matchups for the upcoming weekend they (FOX) would be broadcasting. One, I don’t give two shits about the college match-ups this weekend. You boneheads, it’s only Tuesday. I’m  more than capable of buying a paper or checking the programming for myself. Oh no, they have to make sure that YOU are going to watch their wonderful programming. For that to happen they are going to have to pull their heads out to the point, it causes a sonic boom across our fine country. I know, got off point, but not by much.

 As I haphazardly saw the match-ups, something was serious amiss. No it wasn’t serious, it was outright insulting to those of us who are either OSU or OU fans. Oklahoma State is playing Kansas. Nothing ground shaking there. BUT, when in the hell did OSU switch their symbol to OU? That’s right folks. The producers back at the mother ship (MF) somehow in their infinite wisdom are both dyslexic and f#%^#*ing color blind! How hard is it to tell the difference between Crimson/White , Orange/White/Black, and the letters OU/OSU. Oh, that’s right. We aren’t the powers of the SEC, Big 10, Pac Ten or the pathetic IVY league. Let them make that mistake with Yale/Harvard and the White House would be burned to the ground. Not that that would be a bad thing, but the point here is, yes I do have one is, HOW HARD IS IT TO GET THE LOGOS RIGHT??!?!?!?!?

See example at the bottom. Voting starts now. Can you tell the difference?

Forgive me for being so harsh, but remember, we are dealing with individuals who when given a math problem on the air, do their best not to screw up 1 + 1. 

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