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Sunday, April 26, 2015

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The other day I was cleaning up email and browsing through the FB site I set up for my mom, RIP 7-2-2011. I was surprised when I ran across a post mom made about one of the stories I'd written. I will say this much, it did bring a tear to my eye. See, mom and I never had what people would call a close relationship. We spent most of days fighting or ignoring each other. It was safer that way especially when I sent back to Tulsa in 2004 to regroup and help my father in his final days.

Mom and I did not reconcile our differences until her final months. Here is her note.

 My son Jeffrey has written a book with the above title. Being his mother, I really didn't understand everything he was going through much less understand why his demeanor went from being a very care free soul to one who for no fault on his own kept getting beaten down every road he tried. It was very difficult to try and reach out when he was unresponsive. Well as life would have it, he sat down and actually wrote about all of his losses and the impact it had on his life and those around him including myself. I really got to know my son through his writing. Yes is would be nice if you purchased a copy of his book, but the real value is what you will learn from his tribulations which were many. Failed business ventures, divorce, loss of children plus losing his partner, father and high school sweetheart of thirty years passed. I really didn't know if he would survive the last loss but somehow he amazingly learned from all of the tragedy's. So, please take the time to read about his life and learn how God is driving the bus, not us.

is now available on Amazon link
A publication of LDDJ Enterprises Publishing
$2.77 PER COPY

Board the bus, take a seat, and join

Jeff, Larry, Ralph, Debbie and God on life's unforgettable journey.

Since she wrote this, the title was changed to, "Why did Everything Happen?" 

What I learned after reading this is, it's never too late to patch-up a rocky relationship. 

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