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Monday, April 6, 2015

Internet Dating, Russian Brides, Humor

Let us continue with my love life struggles as I attempt to dissuade true love from Eastern Europe. It amazes how men fall for these hotties from Russia, The Philippines, Asia or any other country. Men, the first item we need to examine is there ability to speak and write in the English language and not how big her cup size is. Granted, it doesn't hurt for us to look, but it you embark on bringing her home to meet Mom and Dad, then all is lost. 

My current fling appears to be named, Valentina. Strange. First glance I thought it was Valentino. Didn't realize he was back from the dead. Okay, enough rambling. Let's have a look at the current letter. 

I want to meet a real man, for communication and can be
create a serious relationship. I received your e-mail agency dating. We can take a closer look.
I think I would be interested to talk to you. And I'll try to do
what would you say it was too interesting to me. Tell us about yourself
and where do you live? I am want to meet with you.
I would be pleased to receive your response, and we can
exchange pictures and know each other better.

Best wishes. Valentina

My Response: Do you pole dance? 

If you followed the stories of Nadezhda and Julia you understand how I would lead them on and on and on before they either gave up, threw in the towel or misplaced their English dictionaries. In this case I thought it best to just get to the point in hopes of not allowing her the time to ramble on. However, If she does respond I'll be jumping right into the thick of it. 

One last note, let's post a pic and you tell me if she's related to Julia. 

Maybe they're twins???

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