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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2017 Allstar Game

Last night was a great night for the home run derby. Great battle between Judge and Stanton. I can't remember watching a batter hit so many home runs and make it look so easy. Judge is the next Mickey Mantle. The only blemish was the the incessant ramblings of Mendoza, Boone and the other guy. As usual, instead of calling the game and letting the players build the drama, none of them could shut-up. All they did was talk over each other. Absolutely pointless! And tonight we are intruded upon with Verducci and A-Rod (that's right, the same guy who made the All-Star Game then left after the third inning because of a prior commitment) walking around the field interviewing players who are attempting to warm-up and get their mind on the game. You want to know what's slowing down the game, it's the media. When are they going to realize, we watch for the game and not for long winded commentary that adds nothing to the game? It came come to soon for me. GO A.L!

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