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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here is a small blurb from the new book "Occupation"

This is a completely differenct genere for myself. The idea came from the sweet woman who helps take care of mom. She suggested I write a love story about WWII. No way. Already done with "Enemy at the Gates." Sorry, but a love story in Stalingrad in January. NO! But the idea was intriging. What with the Vampire craze sweeping the nation I came up with an idea of warring vampire clans uniting and taking on the Third Reich. Time will tell how it works out. The following blurb occurs when the clans are melding.

Svetlana could take it no more. Her change was complete. She gripped Nikoli’s hand hard in an effort to break it as she attempted to lunge onto the bed and stop this insanity. Her action was received with a massive blow to her jaw. She could feel herself being lifted off of the ground and propelled through the air. Her mind numbed as her figure slammed hard into the stone wall. Nothing but darkness enveloped her mind. Her tongue detected a disturbing find; one of the incisors had been loosened from the blow. Nikoli stood over the body and let out an approving yell. You could almost detect the human laugh in his cry.

All of the other participants had completely transformed. The air was heavy with a harsh heavy feeling. All of the oxygen in the room was being devoured. Oxygen didn’t’ matter, when completely changed it wasn’t necessary for them to survive. It could be stored in their bodies as camels store water. They howled and snarled at each other; neither approving nor disapproving of the actions they were witnessing.

The body of Dmitri pulsed and pulled hard on Nichole’s figure. His movements were rough and hard. She did not pull away only bit deeper into his toned hard shoulder. Blood and sweat covered her mouth. She sucked and licked the open wound she had produced. He pulled her harder and harder. His body was building up a fluid he didn’t identify; he only knew it would have to be expelled into his mate.

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All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof
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