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Monday, June 6, 2011

I re-united with my high school sweetheart in Jan of 2009. She was on the tail end of cancer treatments.
I was torn with pursuing our relationship. Dad had passed just four years ago from cancer. I found myself outside one night looking up to the sky and asking dad how this would turn out. Answer, "Son she will be fine," and he was gone. Debbie and I had a wonderful seven months together. I laid her to rest in July. As I recovered from her loss, I found myself sitting at the cemetery asking why? I heard dad again, " Son, told you she would be fine." And with that Debbie joined the discussion. "Jeff, you did everything your were supposed to. Thank you taking care of me. Please look after my girls. Jeff, I love you," and they were gone.

Writing about our love and loss was very healing. I know that when and if I really need them, they stop by and check in.

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