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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why did Everything Happen?

In the summer of ‘89, Larry started experiencing abdominal pain and cramps. The doctors were stumped. The pain was increasing with each month. The problem was finally identified. Larry has colon cancer and surgery is a must. He would have the surgery in December and then we would reevaluate his ability to come back to work.
The surgery was a success. Everything looked great. The cancer was gone. His pain was gone. A few months later it was time for his check up. Devastating news. Larry has inoperable liver cancer. He had maybe four months to live. Couldn't let him wither on the vine and just die. We agreed that as long as he could drive, he had a job.
He worked until the end of June. He was slowly losing his strength and weight. He looked up while setting forms one day and said, “Jeff, I just can't do it anymore. It's time.” Those words were crushing. Why Larry? What had he done to deserve this? I was not very happy with the almighty. Larry passed in August. The bus driver smiled.
The company continued to grow and prosper. I was running on auto-pilot and never realized it. Some other force was driving the company. There was something on the horizon that couldn't be identified.

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