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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why did Everything Happen?

Little was known that the bus driver had another path chosen and it wasn't the “Grand Strategy” as laid out by a mere mortal. Looked at the bus driver for some type of recognition for the current accomplishments and successes, Nothing.
NOTHING! WHAT MORE IS THERE? STOP SHIFITING GEARS AND ANSWER! LOOK UP AND SAY SOMETHING! A nod of agreement. A smile of encouragement. What else is there to do? This is maddening, but so be it. We shall continue “OUR” course.
But there was something else. Unfinished business of the heart?
For thirty years sought out the one true love of life, my high school sweetheart, Debbie. I knew a woman like her would not stay single.
She would marry, raise a family and have a really good life. We all have loves in our lives, but Debbie was different. There is a song about faded memories, ribbons from her hair, torn faded photographs (I have both). Her memory never faded from the heart.
Her personality, smile, and infectious laughter made a lasting impression on all she came in contact with.
Our lives took different paths, yet we stayed in touch without seeing or talking to each other. Usually word of mouth, or a mutual friend would pass on a snippet through modern technology.
Early December 2008: was in Tulsa for Shawn’s fight (an aspiring kick boxer). Just being in Tulsa stirred the old feelings and curiosities about Debbie and her life. Talked to Shawn for around ten minutes about dropping off a business card at her parents’ house. His suggestion, “Quit being old and scared, and just do it.” It still took thirty minutes to leave the card in the mailbox. Felt like high school all over again.
Two weeks passed without a word. Resigned to the fact that either her parents had moved, she was married or in a relationship and would never hear from her again.

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