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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why did Everything Happen

It has been many tomorrows, and each day is better than the last. What happened at the cemetery on August 19th, 2009, was a revelation. Larry, Dad, and Debbie paid a visit and somewhere in the conversation they removed all of the grief that had completely engulfed the mind, body, and soul. They erased any and all questions about an afterlife. It does exist and it is a place of healing, guiding, and understanding. They are at peace and were able to share that.
And the bus driver? He had a huge smile on his face. He brought the bus to a stop, turned off the engine, and opened the door. We both got off. He looked us in the eyes and said, “Well done.”
He placed a warm, loving hand on the shoulder and allowed us to cry. The bus driver, our eternal father is going to console us as we have consoled our LOVED ONES.
Son, what has been so bad? Yes, there were business failures along the road. They had to happen. Yes, you lost those that you loved with all your heart. You provided them comfort in their times of need. You were there when it counted the most. So what is so bad? Are there any regrets?” What is there to say? It all made sense for the first time.
The failed marriage, the collapse of several business ventures, the passing of Larry, Dad, and Debbie. It all somehow made sense. Each financial and personal loss led to a spiritual rekindling. Slowly at first but with time it gained momentum, like the white stripes passing by faster. It was his plan - to call for a reawakening, to revise the business plan. His plan for one to recognize that love, compassion, and faith far outweighed the material and financial gains that so encompassed the original mortal plan. And really, who could have asked for a better plan. A plan that allows us to be where we are needed the most when it really matters and counts.

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