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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why Did Everything Happen?

I filmed this about two years ago. It's the opening of "Why Did Everything Happen?" Originally, it was titled "God's Plan: A Glimpse Into Ones Life." For more information on speaking engagements, drop me a message.


  1. Hey Jeff, You should know by the reviews I've posted that I say what I'm thinking...I'm glad I read your story before I saw this blog because to me this video is depressing.
    The slide show was beautiful and your story is beautiful but my heart is breaking for you as I watch you talk.....
    There is HOPE and there is HAPPINESS in spite of the tragedies that most of us experience.
    God DOES love you and I'm so thankful that suicide was NOT your final choice. The book, the story, ALL are remarkable!!!!! That means that YOU are remarkable~~~~ Keep writing and let me see a smile on your face. You are a survivor with tons of talent~~

  2. Many thanks Granny. I get more upbeat as the story progresses.


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