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Friday, July 5, 2013

Great Action Thrillers

How many times did I say I would get “right on it?” More than I can currently count. Do I have an excuse? Perhaps. Is it valid? I think so. Been working on two poetry book and the sequels to Occupation and Gateway Pioche. I will be posting excerpts this weekend to prove I’m not full of it. Well, I’ll do my best to convince you otherwise. Those who know me, won’t be buying it. They’ll say it’s more eloquent Bullshit! Good to know I’ve made an impact for life. Moving on.

Here is a list of great Thrillers I’ve enjoyed of late.

Alex Lukeman has one of the most unique writing styles I’ve come across in a long time. His style is short and to the point. Best way to describe it is,” Rapid Fire!” I was honored to be a Beta reader on “Tesla’s Secret.” This is one fast paced thriller. A resounding five stars!

J.C. Allen and Shirley Hicks teamed up to crank out a modern day espionage/computer thriller. If you’re a “geek” and love your stories packed with new technology and mind blowing computers mixed in with a government take-over: why are you still reading? Get a copy today and start the adventure.

For some reason, Amazon has disallowed me to post this review. Here's the book link and the pasted review. 

Full review: Are you ready for a not too distant future?

Mr. Allen weaves a very compelling story of a country (United States) on the verge of civil war. An individual who has had enough of the political corruptness in Washington is offering an alternative for the future. He and his hosts have built a massive underground complex (Time Tunnel) in the wilderness of Wyoming undetectable by any type of modern day satellites (I was wondering at times though that all of the construction would have registered on seismographs). 

Personally I enjoyed the high-tech suspense he created with the villain (?) LOD developing software and hardware that has the ability to track any and everyone that is plugged into the net. Encrypted lines and codes can be detected no matter what firewalls or viruses were developed by the US government to infiltrate and find the hide-out.

The character development is well crafted and thought out.  

The only downside I found was how the book ended. I was turning page after page as MOD's arch enemy was closing in on the location of the bunker. This was very exciting and then, it's over.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to connect present day politics with espionage and intrigue. Well done Mr. Allan. 

Here’s another mother/son trandem. David MCoy and Lynn Hallbrooks collaborated to produce a great military “kick you in your teeth,” adventure. What happens when an advance scouting group finds them abandoned on the battle field? All communications and satellite links are down. They are outnumbered four to one, with one option, fight, die and escape. Their arrival back to base is not hailed as a victory, instead they are whisked off to other assignments. But time has a way of simmering revenge. Will justice be served? Get a copy and find out.

Jim Burkett  
Developed of the “Nick West” series. Sadly and unbeknownst to me, this author isn’t getting the respect he deserves. If your are fan of Ian Flemmings’s, “James Bond series,” Mickey Spillane, or even Alistar McClean, then his books are for you. Like all new authors, the first work was a little rough. But as the series progresses, so does his writing style. It becomes, crisp, concise and complete. I enjoyed this series because I could feel the author and the characters developing at breakneck speed. Very fulfilling.

What still reading? Stop that and get your copies today. Their works are much more entertaining than mine.

We’ll talk this weekend.  

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