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Monday, August 12, 2013

I believe this is the winning cover. You can finally see the wing that was sheared off from the....? Any thoughts? Oh, the words? Yes, they're suppose to be distorted from the ...... that came out of the..... Can't give anything away.

What else? Ah, waiting on the Beta readers comments. Very exciting. The long overdue poetry work is finally coming together. Did a collation and edit this weekend. Still pondering the order and a few of the submissions. Now, if I could come up with a title and cover concept, I'll be able to release it end of the month.

Occupation's sequel, Sabotage. I can now devote my energies and get this off the back burner. I know, a long time coming.

And lastly, I need to post a batch of reviews. Just not sure which genre I want to spotlight. 


  1. Jeff, I must write at about a tenth of your pace. Congrats on getting this put together :-)

  2. No worries Tim. This is my full time job, plus I remember someone mentioning I needed to write faster. Such a demanding fan base. LOL!

  3. Did I see that you are also a musician...or was that another Jeff Dawson?

  4. Could be my evil twin. Being adopted anything is possible. Yet, yes. I did play the trombone many moons ago. I will pick it up again soon. I loved playing in the marching band and Jazz Band. Good memories all around. I met my love Debbie in the band. Yes, very fond memories.


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