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Monday, March 17, 2014

A little ditty. We were given an assignment this month to write a poem which was based on actual events. Now, it didn't have to be completely true, just partially. I'll let the readers decide which is which.

Was she?

I can still see the moon
Glistening off her sweat
laden body.

The movie, don’t ask.
Never saw it.
I do know, it was a double feature,
I think?

 The months passed,
and our passion grew.
Being apart was difficult
Being together, utter bliss.

I swept her off her feet
and promptly dropped her.
She looked up and smiled.
Was she gaining weight?
Nah, must have been too
many tacos, pizzas or burgers.
Something’s a amiss.

But wait! She ate like a bird.
I stood in shock.
She looked up with love.
Before I could say sorry,
She replied,
“Hey dummy, it’s okay. We’re fine.”
What? We’re fine? Oh,… hell!

Jeff  Dawson

Copyright@2014 LDDJ Enterprises Publishing

Have a great week!

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