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Sunday, March 23, 2014

What a great way to start the morning. Received the first thoughts on Life's Spectrum Love, Loss, Miliatry,

This is your finest work - because....

it's the amazing song of your deepest inward soul-filled thoughts .... 
You have given - down to your shoelaces!  

We are honored to be a part of the military portion.  It must have touch your writing 
harp string.... And blended. 

I have a pile of wet tissues ! On the bed beside me.  

It is a tender touch you have - with pen in hand to pull the depths of your soul out and 
let us feel your tenderness and anguish and healing ..... 

Your world of readers - who we know at sometime in their experience have face the 
"why's" and the "where's" - will find great messages in your newest 
gift of Literature. This is a beautiful work of art.  

Thank you for sharing. 

Humbly, Doris Goff 
Please feel free to post - any or all of the message. 

Get a copy today! Life's Spectrum Love, Loss, Military 

To top that off Anne Vasquez is launching a new youtube site for Indie Authors. She's a film maker and the accomplished author for the YA book Doubt. Here is her new venture Fiction Frenzy. 

How's that for kicking off Sunday? 

Have a great day. 

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