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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NFL Rant

What has become of the NFL? For weeks, we've been deluged with stories how there is parody in this league. What in the hell are those guys smoking? Dallas thrashes the Jags in Jolly old England, The Packers shredded the Bears Sunday night and then the piece de la resistance was the uninspiring MNF Eagles vs. Panthers. Parody? I think not. Time to dismantle all the defensive rules and let these guys play again. One other caveat. Gruden and Tirico were attempting to rationalize the "new wave offensives" in the league. What wave? Quarterbacks scrambling for yards trying to ignite a team? How is that new? Montana, Young, Staubach, Stabler, Tarkenton, Vick, McNabb, Griffin and a host of others have been known to run the ball. Back in the day it wasn't considered a big deal, it was considered to be part of the job. But back then, they weren't instant millionaires, were they? Appears the system might need an immediate enema.

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