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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spiritualism is the path to peace of mind.

How many out there find themselves feeling down and depressed too often? Kathryn's book is the perfect work to start your day. Her words will have you realizing life is worth the journey no matter how difficult it might seem right now. Here is a sample:

The Message

An angel came to me to say

“Hear my words with care today”

Fear is but the lack of love.

Christ beholds you from above.

Do not give in to doubt and fright

For you are Special in His sight.

You have heard he guards the sparrow;

Dost thou think His view so narrow

As to let you walk alone?

He, who made this world from stone

Created you – you are a GEM!

For you reflect the face of Him.

You walk within this Light of Love

Protected by the Hosts above.

When you give in to doubt and fright,

You step outside this love and light.

When you feel the fear begin,

Stand tall with the Light within;

He’ll cast aside this worldly pain

If you will but allow this gain.”

And as the Angel turned to leave,

He put His hand upon my sleeve;

I felt the Light within me spread

And I released the fear and dread.

He then gave me a farewell nod –

A blessing sent to me from God.

With one click you can begin your own recovery to peace and harmony. 

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