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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Baseball is Back

We are at the sixty game mark and still the Astros and Mets won't go away. Many in April were writing them off as "quick starts", "plain luck" or the ever ubiquitous "Upstarts." I love it when the MLB and ESPN gurus are wrong. Perhaps they should have to take a pay cut for errant reporting. Yeah, don't see that happening. Still, good to see the Texas Rangers​ in the hunt. And what of the Texas Rangers? A team who had four of their proposed starting pitchers sidelined, and I'll be honest, I didn't pick them to perform this well, are nipping at the heels of Houston. How are they doing this? That really is the question when you realize they are second in errors in baseball. Guts and grit. That's how it's happening. Look at the victory last night against the Twins. What was looking like another shut-out exploded with a flurry of key hits, defense and a budding bullpen, allowed them to keep the game in striking distance and strike they did. The starters are doing their job by keeping the game in reach. That, my friends is how you combat injuries. Never give up!

The only teams I would count out are the Brewers, Reds and Phillies. For whatever reason, their tanks appear to be empty. As for the remaining clubs, it's anybody's guess how the standings will look come September 1st. Until then it's going to wild and wooly.

Let’s Play Ball!   

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