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Monday, June 15, 2015

News on the Dating front. From Orel Russia with Love

Appears our love is budding. Don't believe? Wait till you she what she wrote. But, before I go on, remember this, I'm fifty-five, with three children and nine grandchildren. Does anyone out there really believe I want to start over? Let's think about that for a minute. ah, no. How about, HELL NO! There, I feel better. On with the show! 

Hello  Jeff !!!!! I am glad that you have answered me, I'll be glad to meet  you.  My  name  is Kseniya, I am 27 years old, my birthday is on
July  14  at the horoscope I crayfish. My height - 167 centimeters. My weight  - 50 kg. As you can see in my photos, I have green eyes and my
hair color is blonde.  I'm from Russia, live in Orel. I have a medical degree,  and  I  work  in private practice as a dentist. I'm lonely. I found your profile in a marriage agency "Arcadia," in my town. It cost
me 5,000 rubles. I hope I have not wasted wasting my money. I've never been  married,  and  I  have  no  children.  A serious relationship to interest  me. I want to meet people, to have a family with him. I know that  most  women  in  Europe and America is emancipated, and in first place  in  the  life of the work put. A family for them, it's more the
point against which it is necessary to put a tick. I want to a family, a  family for me the main thing. I wanted to know you. I hope that our interests  are  mutual.  I  beg  to be written only in this case, if I
really  interesting for you in vain ... I do not want to waste time. I tuned  to a serious relationship. It's tough when I'll talk more about myself  in  next  letter. I'll be glad to receive your letter, I would
like  to see your photos. I look forward to your next letter. Your new friend 

I think I'm hearing wedding bells. Nope. Guys, she is an attractive woman but remember this, how do you know who you're really talking to????


  1. Hello my friend Wald. It was my pleasure to see your letter. I am glad
    that we become more close to each other. Your letters only cheer me
    up. As there were you today? How is your mood? It is my pleasure to
    read your letters, I'm glad that you understand me.
    I want to say to you more about the parents. The name of my Mom
    Svetlana. It has long been retired, and is engaged in the care of the
    animals and plants in his garden. My mother is a very good woman, I
    love her very much. I still remember how my mom bought me a child ice
    cream and gave me a toy. My father's name Eugene. He retired military.
    He worked in a military unit in Russia. He read for me fairy tales at
    bedtime and also always buy me toys. My parents are very best in the
    world, I love them very much. My parents live 200 miles away from
    Orel, in a small village. They contain a small vegetable garden and
    often send me the fresh homemade products. I think I have said enough
    to you, and my parents. You know, I'd like to tell you about my dream.
    My dream is to meet a sincere, fair and good man from another country.
    I wish that in the future we had mutual understanding and love for
    each other. Then, to leave from Russia for him to start a family and
    start a new life with a clean slate. I want to marry abroad, because I
    want a stable and peaceful life. None of my family can not say that in
    Russia live in peace. I remember my childhood and I remember how
    sometimes we had little food. The same situation in the country today.
    I'm sorry that I'm going to leave my friends and to change the
    culture. There are many men here who would like to have me next to
    him. Most of them not serious. Russian men have long forgotten what it
    means to be a man, and how to treat a woman. This is a nasty story.
    You've heard these stereotypes about alcohol. Male alcoholism - is the
    worst problem in Russia. It's true. Some of them have difficulty
    showing their feelings. And in this, they lie, cheat and
    disrespectful. This is - just a few reasons why I - still one. I think
    it's better to be alone than to be with someone - something, and be
    miserable. What do you think about my dream? What is your dream? I
    work as a dentist. I love my job, but it is not the main thing in my
    life. I like to think that I have to save someone else's life. Of
    course it is not, but if you remember how you had a toothache, you
    will realize how important my profession. I do not want to build a
    career. It's just a way to support themselves. Most of all I dream
    about how I'm going to take care of your man to cook tasty food. Right
    now I'm dreaming, I'll come home and take a bath. Today I had a
    difficult day. I had a lot of patients. At this point I finish the
    letter. I think it was not too much time for you. I look forward to
    hearing from you. Kseniya

  2. Don't tell me you received the same letter.

  3. Exactly the same with the same pictures. Your blog helped me to find by the picture. There is an answer from 'Ksenia' after your publicity (read below):
    Why did you do it? Why do you publish my letter? I do not want to
    continue to communicate with you, if you're going to publicize our
    communication. You've heard all about this term as the confidentiality
    of correspondence? I did all the photos of this page, and if you
    continue, I'll give it to the police and you will be punished. Why are
    you doing this?

  4. This is good. I've received two letters in the past few days. I guess she's getting desperate in her search for love. I'm sure the KGB or NKVD are going to come knocking on our doors demanding restitution. Good luck with that. The next round of photos I'll be posting have one wondering who she really is. And to be honest, what sane woman would even write back after reading my lurid response, Oh, I signed my letter Humphrey. Shocking how the company she works for didn't catch that. Guys, THIS IS A SCAM! That is the main reason, along with the humor, I'm posting our correspondence. It's called, "Buyer Beware."

    1. Give me please your address where I can sent more her pictures (+6) so you have them publish faster.

  5. My contact info is Can't wait to see what she's sent you. Yep, she's still bugging me for a return reply.

    1. Too funny she is still at it now same letters but I could not find pictures on here from what she sent

  6. Jeff, I have sent 'Ksenia' letters to you. They are interesting, as well as her pictures. I'm not sure they belong to one girl. I also pointed out some details: these 'Russian' scammers ignore the Russian language at all (they do not know it?), and they never take pictures designed for certain 'clients'. For example, you can receive a picture where the girl holds a table 'It's me, Ksenia', but will never receive a picture where the same girl holds a table 'It's for you, my dear Jeff/Wald'. One more thing... Even if you are tired of them and tell them you recognized them as scammers, they continue send you letters, which is impossible for real girls even from Russia. I suggest, it is big business about those Russian scammers, and will not be surprised if something like 'KGB' is involved. Luckily, when contacting with scammers, I never used my real pictures or names.

  7. It is for all the reasons you posted I wrote the two books about Russian/Turkish brides: , They are working for a company and each campaign lasts about three months. As log we keep sending a reply, we are sent the next letter in que. At the end of three months they tell you, I've had my shots, papers are in order and I'm at Moscow International waiting for your to send money. What men don't realize is if they do send the money, they only have three months to seal the deal. If not, they go back to Russia or wherever and have to wait another three years before they can come back. And people don't thinks it's a scam. I'll check out what you sent later today. Plus, I'll be posting my response to her heartfelt letters of undying love.


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