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Sunday, November 8, 2020

2020 Election


            If you’ve read any of your liberal friend’s posts, they are ecstatic over the apparent win, as they should be. Why? Simple. Orange man bad. That was the entire platform Even one of my friends said, “This election is clearly not a referendum on policy. That’s gone out the window, Jeff. This is about character.” Lot of truth in that statement.

            For those of us born in the fifties and very early sixties you might remember that race. Any guesses? Think about it for a minute. Nothing yet? Okay-Jimmy Carter. While it was a close race, the country was ready for a change and late Carter. Results Carter won by 1,683,247 out of 79,980,515. I suggest looking up the results and see what states each candidate carried. It is rather eye opening. We were tired of Watergate and weary of the Vietnam war. And how did Carter’s re-election bid go? It was a true reflection of his performance in the White House.-he got hammered! Reagan 43.9 mill, Carter, 35,4 mill and Anderson 5.7 mill. Four years of Jimmy Carter was four too many. He carried a whopping six states. In 84 wasn’t much better for the Dems as Mondale took a shot a Reagan. John Hinckley had a better chance of beating Reagan than Mondale. Reagan 54.4 mill to 37,5 mill. Walter carried a whopping two states. I believe this is the direction we are headed because this is going to be the Obama 2.01 Administration. Kamala said it her speech. Why? Well, here’s why:

1) Biden’s first order of business with foreign powers will be to apologize for the last four years.

2) Re-entering the Iran Nuclear accords. Least he can do since he and Barry sent their buddies 900million dollars. Needs a return on investment

3) Re-enter the Paris Climate Accords-Doesn’t’ matter it’s a bad deal, it will make everyone feel so good even though it will cost us at least 100billion a year with a zero return. But again, everyone will feel so good

4) Cut funding to the military-He already said 40 billion plus. Like Clinton and Obama, that is the first thing they go after because it makes them feel good. And for good measure, shut down Space Force.

5) Economy-“Hey, man, I’m going to raise your taxes and you’re going to like it because we know better on how to spend your money. I’m going to collect an extra 4 trillion and spend an addition 6trillion so I’m gonna need more. Why? Because it will make you feel good.

6) Education Kids, it’s all gonna be free. Don’t worry about student debt. You can go as long as you want and won’t be burdened with a massive debt. Your parents and their friends will be more than willing to flip the bill for you. And don’t worry about a job if and when you graduate, we’ll take care of that also. Oh, for you kids in elementary, junior and senior high. I promise to put you in the best public schools available in your district. Didn’t like busing anyway. And don’t worry about the plumbing not working or the mold in the walls. We’ll take care of that as soon are your parents have paid their fair share.

7) Crime-I commend BLM/Antifa and all the folks and politicians out there that bailed out the rioters. They were expressing their constitutional right to gather peacefully then burn, loot, riot, injure and murder those who held a different view. The police you ask? No worries, man. They will all be re-educated and trained. So please, try and refrain form committing any crimes during this transitional period. Not sure how long it will take, but we’ll keep you informed. Until that time carry on as usual. Oh and if we have another, Ferguson, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, Dallas Kenosho, Jacksonville, D.C. or LA, don’t worry. Your local leaders will handle it just like they did last summer.

8) Economy-Like my esteemed colleague, Barak, I will make massive improvements to our declining infrastructure. Now, that’s gonna take a little more money so if your parents can’t handle it, no worries, the evil big corporations will be happy to pay more than their fair share to handle the balance. It’s the least they can do.

9) Supreme Court- I know that question has been on everyone’s mind. No worries, man. I never like the number 9. I think 15 is a rounder number. Not sure how I’m going to do that if the Republicans hold the Senate, but don’t worry. We’ll figure something out.

10) Immigration-Well, that’s a little tricky. Since he and I built the cages, I guess we’ll have to look into that. Nah. We’re gonna close all the detention centers, eliminate all immigration laws, tear down that damn wall and give everyone a green card that wants one. Hel, man, we’re just gonna sign an executive and bypass all. Free citizenship to all is what I say. Yeah, that means no more ICE department. Why? Because it’s going to make you feel so good!

11) Economy II- I plan on building back better, but first I have to chat with Jingpin and Burisma on that one. Hunter told me we still have details to work out. But in the end, I promise you everyone will benefit form this even if a few jobs have to go overseas. It’s was best and will make everyone feel better about themselves.

12) And finally, my friends, you are all part of the Biden family and I know D.C. and Puerto Rico want to join. So let’s see if we can’t give them statehood and pick up a few more electoral votes. D.C. want resist, but convincing P.R. to pay their fair share could be a push. I’m sure Kamala will be able to swing them if she takes knee pads. It’s for the good of the country.

13) The Swamp-Damn, I almost forgot. That Durham report and the laptop my son lost. Come on man. Just a smoke screen. I guarantee you he, nor I, have anything to hide. Take my word for it. “We did not have relations with Russia, China, Ukraine or Burisma.” You can take that to the bank! However, when it comes to the past administration, we will work tirelessly to rebuild the FBI in our vision along with the Justice Department and make damn sure that if any crimes were committed, they will all be brought to justice. I know that will make you feel better. Because isn’t that what everyone wants, to feel better about themselves?

14) Voter Fraud- “Come on man. What a bunch of malarkey.”

            Yes, this is a hypothetical situation and until the election has been ratified, however, if the numbers hold, it’s exactly what he’s been pushing since he received the nomination. If the above happens to a large degree, we will see a repeat of ’80 and ’84 provided the RNC pulls their collective heads out of their ass and identifies a charismatic, intelligent, appealing candidate, or, a strong independent that can rise above the rhetoric and build a campaign based on character and policies, and not character assassination, all the above and more will become a painful reality



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