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Friday, November 6, 2020

2020 Presidential Analysis


            With the election starting to die down and the results come in, it appears Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. Some interesting note: Almost 20million more votes cast than in 2016.CA had a drop or 244K votes cast. NY a drop of 242K votes cast. Trump had a sizeable gain of 207K while Biden lost 449K. Maybe New Yorkers are beginning to see the light. In the battle ground states the increase of votes cast versus ’16 is: MI 10%, NV 1%, NC 11%, PN 6%, WI 5%, GA 18% and last but not least, but perhaps needs some investigating, AZ, 41%! CA had 244K less votes A small Republican surge. That can be viewed as good news. Do I believe there is voter fraud? Maybe on a small scale, but nothing monumental. The story of Wisconsin having more votes than registered voters is false! They have 3,684,726. Votes cast: 3,240276 so far. In the apparent “Michigan Massacre” a clerical error in a decimal sent the internet into mass hysteria. It was all the rage and if you didn’t dig deeper, you’d swear it was true. I’ve been talking and warning of the “kneejerkpedia” effect for over a year and man, was it prevalent yesterday. But then that is the plague of the media and twitterites today. “It doesn’t’ matter if we’re wrong, we must be first!” Yeah, no.

            Look at the polls for example. I still can’t believe FOX spent all day Wednesday hammering on the pollsters and wondering why they were still employed. I feel the same way about them and the rest of the MSM. For nine months every network kept spouting the polls and their predictions and then they want to bash them all the while, parroting them? Yeah, makes absolutely zero sense to me. Does it really matter that one candidate was 5, 10 15 points ahead? Not to me. Hell, didn’t we go through this in ’16. Yes. But now they want their heads on a stake. Well, perhaps the DNC and RNC need to spend their money more wisely. Imagine that, political machines spending their money wisely just like they do in Congress. Uh, huh.

            One story that has vanished is the Durham investigation. Will it continue or be shut down? Will he provide his findings or lack thereof before the new President is sworn in? Hmm. Could it be a damning condemnation of the corruption surrounding D.C. or another fruitless rabbit hole? Right now, no one can answer that question except, Durham.

            If Biden becomes the 46th President, he will have two years to convince the country, he was the right choice. It won’t be easy with a Republican Senate and unsettled House. If not, the 2022 midterms could set the table for the Dems losing the House which would be devastating for the Dems.

            For those of us who voted for Trump, it is now time to find another candidate for 2024. One with the same beliefs, passion, energy, commitment and love for our country but with a hell of a more likeable personality and one that isn’t going to wake up each morning and attack a press that loathes him. He would have done well to take a few lessons from Harry Truman in dealing with a hostile press corps.

            Donald, while I voted for you, I see no need for grand standing unless there is 100% proof of voter suppression/manipulation. I know gracefulness is not a word you’re familiar with. But then, how many New York developers are? It is time to except the results and move on. If you wish to remain in the political landscape it would benefit those of us who saw your vision. What you can’t do is be in politics and go back to running your business. The press and unfriendly AG’s will come after you with everything they have. When you entered the race, it was as an independent. It is time to back to that thinking and start looking and identifying the next candidate you can get behind while letting them, like yourself, speak their mind and make the American people believe in a united, United States again.

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