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Friday, November 20, 2020

When do facts matter?


This morning, a good friend posted a simple statement, “Point of procedure: you're not entitled to evidence until it's presented in a court of law. Dutiful patience in our Constitutional Republic is required.” Pretty innocuous isn’t it? I thought so until his liberal friends, of which I am friends with, chimed in. Rather than fill his page up with my response, I’ll save it for mine.

          November 9, 2016 marked one of the most historic days for the United States of America. Was it that Trump won? No. How about that Hillary lost? Nope.  Well maybe it was the illegitimate results? Getting close. I know. It was the massive meltdown of liberal college students and parents across the land that needed safe places, comfort foods, and a lot of other feel good crap. Close, but no cigar. It was the beginning of the end of the justice system as we know it. From that day forward, proof was no longer required in a court of law or the House of Representatives. Accusations and innuendo were all that mattered. Proof? Who needs it? And if there isn’t any proof on one charge, we’ll drum up something else and the people will believe it and carry our banner of falsehoods across the land.

          That is what the country endured for four long years. Didn’t matter if the evidence was shaky or non-existent, the hatred of one man fueled the machine, the press and the left.  Facts? Who needs facts? But when they do surface, “Oh hell, no!” Why the odd response? Simple. The facts are exposing Biden and his son for collusion and money laundering in the Ukraine and China Hard evidence of phone calls and emails on a laptop. And then there is the damning quid-pro-quo of Joe threatening to withhold a billion dollars from the Ukraine if they don’t fire Shokin for investigating, you know who, Burisma.  Hell, Nixon was hung over 18.5 missing minutes of tape. Yet, Trump is impeached over a one phone call that proved nothing. Americans wanted to know why? Today, half of Americans don’t care as long as their party wins and the other is vilified.

          You don’t have to believe it just wait until a conservative friend posts a simple sentence or two discussing the apparent voter fraud that has or has not happened in the 2020 election. His left-wing friends will come out of the woodwork and start talking about court cases and evidence and the Senate hearings during the Trump’s impeachment process. But nary a word about Biden and the hard facts exposing corruption. We can’t have that. It has to be false! No way Uncle Joe did that! Really is my response. Hell, they don’t even want to look into it at all. It has to be false because the MSM told them so. What a crock!

          I do try and respect my liberal friends when we disagree on policies, but when they close their eyes to obvious crimes, that’s it. That’s where I draw the line and damn their smug hypocrisy!  For instance, this morning on CNN, they are ripping Trump and Giuliani for the current lawsuits. Understood. However, Brooke Baldwin and her band of cohorts want to suddenly site facts about the current election results and talk of Giuliani being disbarred for lying to a judge. Where was the concern with the FISA warrants? It wasn’t. They did everything in their power, from day one, to discredit the duly elected 45th President of the United States. They had no problem with Hillary calling foul in 2016. So why didn’t Hillary pursue it like Gore did in 2000? Because they couldn’t even find a smoldering camp fire other than to falsely blame the “Russian are Coming,” for ballot tampering and interference. The only proof the Russian interfered was the IG’s 2-018 report that the Russians donated 1 million to Bernie and 1 million to Trump, because they hated Hillary. That is the only proof! Mueller didn’t find anything and the IG’s report in Dec ’19 proved the FBI botched the FISA warrants. But who needs proof? Apparently, the Dem’s don’t. They conveniently apply blinders when the search lights are boring in on them. I call bullshit and a large shovel of it!

          And last but not least, the left never calls out their media outlets of CNN, MSNBC, Twitter, Facebook, New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR. Buzz Feed, The Guardian all the Late Night talk “BS” shows etc. for false reporting. Oh, no. they have targeted FOX since they didn’t get behind Obama and went nuts when they supported Trump. “How could they?” And now, Parler is in their sites. I’m sure they haven’t even gone to the site to see what’s going on, but they take their cure from the liberal media, because, they would never lie about anything would they?  

          Joe Biden has called for unity. Where was that the last four years? It was nonexistent Who could forget Pelosi tearing up the ‘State of the Union Address” and the liberal press blowing it off. There will be no unity in America until the press is held accountable for false and inflammatory reporting(?) Then and only then does America have a chance to come together.  

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