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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Honey. Is it cold inside, or just happy to see me?

This is a first. I'm speechless. Seriously, this a action packed, humor filled, well paced novel. I believe Rod Serling would have a problem topping this work. How would you classify the following parallels:
Captain Kirk meets James Bond meets Butthead who meets Monty Python meets? I'm still stumped.

However, based on my inabilities to process a cognoscente thought, let's give it a go.

The main character is Case. That's it. Call me Case. This individual is, well, how do you describe a man who has one thing, no two things, no three, no wait. He never gets to the third thought. First and foremost is breeding the other sex. Yet not matter how hard he tries, I believe his best friend is Rosie and her sisters. I'll say no more. The second? He does his absolute best to portray himself as the great lover and hero so as too impress those he has taken an extreme interest in as long as he can be the hero while protecting the exposed flanks. Seriously, why would anyone take on the enemy head on when they are outwitting the enemy or foe by running away with dignity. Sounds like a good plan to me. I mean, if you can't be guaranteed (while risking your life) delving into sumptuous mountains and or perky peaks, why bother? He has a plan. Flawed but it is a plan.

This is a great book for those of us old enough to remember Marsha Brady (wonder why Case missed a trip to suburbia-he went every place else). Why? Because this adventure travels every important and unimportant cinema event the silver screens could host. Oops, there are few for the senior set also.

Bottom line. If you a few hours and need a trip down memory lane packed with humor anecdotes and travel back in time when we [ men] were buff and fighting off the droves of groupies (we never achieved), this the book for you.

It would behoove the makers of Cialis and Viagra to read the introduction. Could be a new marketing slogan.

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