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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm posting three reviews on books by Sandy Wolters. If you like books with a good pace, strong female characters and a bit of the paranormal thrown it, you won't be disappointed. She is a very talented writer.

Justice is Served.

Hmm, where do I start? Did I like the story. Absolutely! I was a little slow in realizing it was a novella and was looking for more development. Seriously, Miss Walters kicks the book in gear and doesn't allow the reader a chance to "catch-a-breath" until the main characters Rachael and Patrick wind-up in each others arms for how shall I say, a very long intimate interlude. Now this is one of the scenes I didn't care for, not that I'm a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but because this was a novella, I really thought it lasted must too long for the length of the book. Is this part of the book well written, Absolutely. Was it hot and passionate? Oh yeah, just a little too long. I believe the time could have been better spent with Patrick's mom (deceased) talking with him and Rachael.

Whoops, got a head of myself. When I was reading the scene where his mom is talking to he and Rachael, I had to back away for a minute and recollect my senses. Why? Because his mom isn't some apparition floating about the house, she is as solid as you or I. I forget, Miss Walters writes paranormal books.

A little more information before I wind this up (don't want the review longer than the book).

A murder occurs in Brownwood, Texas. One of the nicest women in town is Emily Campbell who is married to police Chief Boyd Campbell. Patrick is called on the radio one night to come to the Campbell residence on an apparent suicide by his boss Boyd. None of the police procedural protocols are followed which doesn't settle well with Patrick, but going against his boss doesn't seem like the smartest career move on his part, so he keeps quite while a terrible feeling pulls in his gut. He wants to enlist help, yet has no one to turn to in town. Welcome in Rachael, a Phoenix (somewhat psychic) homicide detective crosses his path while on vacation yet gets lost along her way (she has a real problem with maps and directions). These two will combine forces along with a few town folk and a few other players who are no longer part our world. How they flush out the murderer of Emily is well worth the ride.

This book is for both males and females. Something for everyone and a very fun read.

I will be reading another one of Sandy's books in the coming months, just haven't decided on which one.

Brilliant writing
This is the second book I have read by Sandy Wolters and it is wonderfully written. She has a true flair in prose.
The general plot is well devised and crafted. Little Maggie May has had a very rough five years. Her husband is murdered on their wedding night when they both decide to take a trip to the local convenience store. For the next five years she locks herself away from life thinking she will never fill the void her beloved Jimmy left in her heart.
She is out of town on business when her brother decides to lend a helping hand in bringing down a tree that is on its last leg. The tree (while coming down) mysteriously and unexplainably diverts from falling harmlessly to the ground and instead crashes onto the house she and Jimmy built. Her brother calls the local Chief of Police fearing for his life. He is convinced that his sister, (all 5' 2" of her) will promptly put an end to his life upon her return.
The catastrophe triggers a host of chain events that will pit the police chief and a long time family friend against each other in hopes of wooing Maggie to the altar.
This is a fast paced novel and you will be finished before you know it!
One other note. Since both of her parents have passed on, I wonder who is going to give the bride away if she makes a choice between her two highly competitive suitors?
Well done Miss Sandy. I will be reading A Brother's Love in the next month or so.

She did it again!
This is the third book I have read by Sandy and I'm here to tell ya it's just as good as the first two. Without going into the details of the book I'm going to address her style.
Sandy has an excellent way of developing her characters to the point the reader is thrust into the scenes becoming completely immersed. Her trait of inventing short, petite, firebrand females is amazing. All of her gals are true "show stoppers," but men, beware. There bite is definitely worse then their bark. Men are constantly falling over their own two feet vying for the affections of the heroine. Those males that are somewhat familiar with the gals realize that the wrong word will have extremely dire consequences to the male physical and mental psyche. Well done Miss Sandy.
A brother's love "in a tight" is about our heroine Pilar (FBI) agent and other agents who foil a bank robbery and shoot Thomas Baker (Founder of the Snowflake Militia) dead. His brother Boone puts a one million dollar bounty on Pilar's head. She is unwillingly whisked away to a safe house supposedly for her protection. The men on the farm - no ranch, aren't so sure who needs protecting. Them or she. Everything appears to be moving along nicely until Pilar is notified that her brother, sister-in-law and nephew have been murdered. Will her brother's love assist in hunting down the killer or will Pilar spend the rest of her days looking for the man responsible for taking away everything she ever loved?
Like the other two books, Maggie Mae and Justice for Emily, a Brother's love is faced paced and intense. The only critical thought on this story was maybe a little too much time was dealt with Pilar being in protective custody at the ranch. Other than that, the story is a wonderful fun quick read.

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