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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This book by Charity Parkerson is a must for the gals.

Five stars for the gals/three-and-a-half for the guys.

Well now, this was interesting to say the least. I have read a few books over the years that tie characters together but never anything quite like this.

Charity has done a very interesting feat in combing the lives of all her characters: Avery, Caitlin, Autumn, Jake Lewis, Jackson, Ewin, Catriona, and Dan.

Nothing, I mean nothing appears as it seems. The reader is whisked right into the action with our heroin Caitlin (or one of them) finds herself in a not so appeasing situation. She is the unwiiling guest of Allie and James (her ex-boyfriend). From this moment on, the plot only thickens, thickens, and keeps thickening as more characters become involved with solving why Caitlin was kidnapped and almost unceremoniously eliminated. The reader will enjoy how when each new character is introduced. You find out there is connection, whether it is work, an old acquaintance or family? Yes family. From childhood friends to connections with the Underworld. Military contractors to a distant aspiring newspaper writer. Tell me that doesn't encompass the full spectrum. Tom Clancy might need to check this one out for future ideas.

Who do I think would enjoy this read the most? Women, hands down. No doubt about. Gals like a whole lot of romance with a bit of tension. She excels in this area. Being of the male persuasion, I prefer a bit more action, but hey, I can see where Charity could build a very large following with her description of males who rival the Gods of Greece or Rome. What women wouldn't enjoy sliding their hands over very well sculptured muscles. I chose not to look in the mirror at this time, thank you.

Why three and a half stars? If there would have a little more time spent on the scenes when the bad guys meet their demise and the aftermath, that would have garnished the extra half star. Could be because I might be just a tad jealous of the men she summoned to the pages. Personal problem I know.

So gals, if you are looking for a book that will keep you on the edge or your seat wanting more from the male characters, wait not another minute longer, get a copy with an ample supply of batteries and prepare to have your imagination rocked!

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