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Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to? Many of you know I'm a bit technoligically challenged. I perform brilliantly until I hit the power button and it turns on. From that point, well, I think you know what happens next. My pleasant demeanor turns into, let's say Jekly and Hide. More "Hide" to say the least. Okay, what's my point? Oh hell, need to reboot, repower--up, recover sites........ I'm losing my mind. Perhaps another pot of coffee will settle the nerves. NOPE!

Back on point. How do you post pictures and your books on the right or left side. I've tried everything with ZERO luck.

I await your suggetions as I navigate these trying waters. OH H...l not again. RE-boot....recover.....ARGHH!

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  1. You may have already figured this out but I'll comment on adding pictures for bloggers for anyone else who has a question. On the tool bar to the right of LINK is an icon for Insert Image. Then blogger gives you options to choose where you want to pull the picture from. Once the picture gets through its computer process. You click add selected...that adds it into the blog. The tricky part is getting the picture in the general area you'd like it to be. Once you do that click on the picture then you can click if you want it to go left or right. It defaults to center Medium size. You can make the size larger or smaller as well. Then you can put a caption under the picture describing what it is. I then put a link related to the picture. Simply as making a pie. Okay I get messy when making a pie but you understand what I mean...I hope. :)


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