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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's see. It's Saturday the 10 of November. What to do this fine day in Dallas,Tx? Well, need to get a new jean jacket, some jeans, a labotomy and perhaps some new shoes. Wait? Labotomy. Might have to go to Target instead of Sears for that one. Then, off to pick-up edits (argh!!) and dinner with Mr. Brown. Been too long since we sat down and solved the words problems. Hm. We'll see how that works.

What else? Reading? Writing? Arithmatic? Well, one out of three ain't bad. I know. It's time ot spotlight an author I've grown fond of over the past year: Tim Greaton. I came acroos his name about a year ago and decided to give this new author a try. I was not disappointed at all. All of the books are well written and thought out. Each one has its own unique plot and message. I hope you'll take a chance and look into his works. His news book series is Zack Pill. Sadly, I haven't had the time to look into this one yet, but then, time is on my side and it gives something to look forward. Okay, here are the books and the reviews I posted.

Bud's Garage :
Bud's Body Shop
Short and Sweet
A little too short and unsatisfying. Mr. Greaton gives us a very small, small glimpse into his upbrining working for his dad. The content provided is good and well written. Another story or two would have been very helpful.

I can see this turning into a very good biography when all of the pieces are in place.

Not just for Christmas

What happens to an up-and-coming attorney when he chooses to attend the firms Christmas party without his wife and son who perish in an apartment fire? What strange road leads him to standing on the ice laden metal bridge in Gray, Vermont on Christmas Eve staring down at a torrent of black cascading, rushing water hoping to redeem his self-worth (in some bizarre way) to atone for the untimely death of his wife and son? You'll have to read this fine work to obtain the answers.

I could relate to this telling story on too many experiences. This story is for any of us who have every contemplated taking their own lives thinking there is nothing left for us to live for.

Mr. Greaton's tale will prove it otherwise. There is always something to live for no matter how sour the cards have turned.

Thank you Tim.

Under Heaven

Worlds Collide

This is the third book from Mr. Greaton I chose to read. How does it compare to the first two? Completely different-in a good way. Of all the books I've read and reviewed over the past few years, this one falls into its own category-of which I'm still trying to place.

This book reminds me of a fine Cuban cigar, perhaps a glass of Dom Perigion or a well aged Brandy. Each are to be savored and enjoyed, not rapidly consumed waiting for a refill. Relax and enjoy the moment.

The story starts out a little slow with two diverging story lines. I went back several times to make sure I was reading the same story. I thought maybe a chapter or two were inadvertently snuck in. Patience. The two stories are paralleling an unseen time line. The lives of two boys Nathaniel (who was murdered and caught in under-heaven, a sort of weigh station between Heaven and Hell) and Jesse, who is very much alive (hoping his parents reunite) are going to collide in a most unusual way. I was twenty-four chapters into the read and still had no idea where the story was going. For some, that can be frustrating, Refer back to how I described this read. It's not a six pack of Miller-Lite or a Pack of Marlborro Light 100's that the users frequently can't get enough of. This is a story for savoring and reflecting. Believe me, there is so much extra activity surrounding these two boys, one will need to regroup and reflect before moving forward. Enjoy the moment, then move forward. with caution.

In the end you will be shaking your head in stunned silence and asking the question, "No way!" I know I was.
A great read for all.

I have enjoyed all of his stories to date. Mr. Greaton possess a wonderful writing style for all readers. So, if you get a chance, check out his books and enjoy his well crafted stories. Have a great weekend!!


  1. I read The Santa Shop and enjoyed it immensely. I followed along with the main character and found myself walking in his shoes, traveling his paths while hoping he wouldn't kill "me" by committing suicide.

    I bought Under-Heaven a while back but hadn't yet gotten a chance to read it. I'll start reading it midweek after I've finished writing Coming Unglued before taking on revisions.

  2. You won't be disappointed Norma. An excellent read to say the least.

  3. I've read Tim Greaton's Santa Shop. I've even read a few of his short stories on Mistress Suzie's blog which he won prizes for... well deserved I might add. I do plan on reading more of his stories at a future date. Just like I plan on reading more of your works and Ms. Budden's works as well.

  4. I've enjoyed all of Tim's stories. Believe I downloaded another one this weekend.


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